Ammo Crate

Ammo Crate
The appearance of an Ammo Crate in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function Replenishes weapon ammunition
Maximum Amount 100(200 with the Ammo Belt upgrade)

The Ammo Crate is an essential item found in Donkey Kong 64 that serves the purpose of granting one of each of the five Kong weapons in this game at least 20 more shots of ammunition. This is an entirely new item to the Donkey Kong Country video game precursors featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, supplementing the newly-added weapons completely unique to this Nintendo 64 title alone.

This pick-up item resembles an average crate with it's lid permanently cranked open, revealing a set of intimidating bullet heads. This item's drastic downsize, which truthfully makes it unrecognizable as your average crate at first encounter, was probably put into action so as to not confuse players between the Ammo Crates and the considerably larger Animal Buddy Crates.

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