Angry Aztec

Angry Aztec
Angry Aztec
Location DK Isle
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Theme Desert/Ruins
Boss Dogadon

Angry Aztec is the second world to be featured in Donkey Kong 64. Five Golden Bananas are required to gain access to this world. Angry Aztec is located in the desert, and is modeled after the ancient civilization of the Aztecs.

Inside, the Kongs will be able to get their musical instrument for the first time. As well they will need to venture into temples to collect more Golden Bananas.


[edit] Overview

There is much more to explore in Angry Aztec then there is in Jungle Japes. There is a few temples to explore in which will be where most Golden Bananas will be collected from. As well as caves that will hide Golden Bananas and races will be involved as well.

All Kongs will be able to get their musical instrument in this level and learn a new move from Cranky Kong. The Battle Pad can be found in the temple where you unlock Tiny. The water will need to be lowered before being able to use the Battle Pad.

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab is located in one of the caves of the level after you open it up by Diddy Kong's Guitar. There is a very thin pathway that needs to be crossed to get to it. The number 3 Banana Port is in front of it.

[edit] Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory is in the second big area of the game near the temple that has a switch for all Kongs. It has the 4th Banana Port out in front of it.

[edit] Candy's Music Store

This is the first appearance of the Music Store in Donkey Kong 64. This is where the Kongs can buy their musical instruments that will help them collected Golden Bananas and open up areas. Candy's Music Store is in the first area of the level off to the left from the cave the Kongs came in from.

[edit] Unlockable Characters

There are two Kongs that can be unlocked in Angry Aztec. One is Lanky Kong. He can be found in the temple with the Llama painting on the door. Donkey Kong is the Kong that needs to unlock him by shooting the Coconut switch.

Tiny Kong is also in another temple in the first area. Diddy Kong will need to unlock her by using the Chimpy Charge to spell out KONG. A reference to the Kong letters in the Donkey Kong Country games.

[edit] Boss

The boss for Angry Aztec is Dogadon. a giant insect-like dragon that Diddy Kong will face off against. He will hit Dogadon with TNT Barrels, similar to what Donkey Kong did against Army Dillo. Diddy will just have to hit him three times to beat him.

[edit] Enemies

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