Animal Crate

Animal Crate
An Animal Crate belonging to Ellie the elephant from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Latest Appearances Donkey Kong Country Returns
Location Hidden in bonus/secret areas of each level
Features Grants the user special abilities pertaining to the animal

Animal Crates is a very special type of item that was first introduced in Donkey Kong Country, featuring Rambi the rhinoceros's Crate in the very first level of the game, Jungle Hijinxs. It is the home of every Animal Buddy featured in each Donkey Kong Country game featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. They can house anything, from elephants, to parrots, to swordfish. They are stationary items that can not be picked up by the player, only broken open once touched from any direction. From there, the respective Animal Buddy emerges and the playable Kong is instantly in control from there on out.

The Animal Crates only show up in certain parts of a level in which they're needed, should a quick strength, speed, or jumping boost be necessary at that point in time in order to progress forward.

Animal Crates only show up in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Donkey Kong 64, and the Donkey Kong Land trilogy. In Donkey Kong 64, Animal Crates act more like Animal Barrels. When a Kong jumps into the Animal Crate, they will transform into the Animal Buddy. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, the crates are bigger and given an different appearance.

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