Army Dillo

Army Dillo
Army Dillo
Location(s) Jungle Japes, Crystal Caves
Species Army
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Army Dillo is a boss encountered in Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64. The Kongs will encounter Army Dillo twice throughout the game. Army Dillo is a large Army and was appointed by King K. Rool to be the Army guardian for two keys to K. Lumsy's cage.

When Donkey Kong first encounters Army Dillo in Jungle Japes, he is equipped with two large fireball cannons, and a metal shell that DK cannot do damage to. The battle mainly consists of Army Dillo shooting fireballs at Donkey Kong while hiding inside the shell. He will peek his head out after firing a round of fireballs, and Donkey Kong will be able to throw a TNT Barrel at his face to do damage. Army Dillo then curls into a ball and rolls around, trying to squish Donkey Kong. After a few seconds he will go back into position and start shooting fireballs again. This will continue until he is hit by a third TNT Barrel, which electrocutes Army Dillo and destroys the fireball cannons. Army Dillo will then run away, leaving the Key to K. Lumsy's cage.

After the Kongs enter the Angry Aztec level, there will be a cutscene showing Army Dillo cowering in fear while King K. Rool is watching. Dillo tells King K. Rool that DK was too fast for him and that he will "get him next time". King K. Rool however is angry at Army Dillo and glares at him and makes Dillo faint.

Army Dillo would return for a second time in Donkey Kong 64 in the Crystal Caves world. He has been upgraded from his last appearance with rocket boosters, that allows him to create shock-waves with a ground slam. He has as well a big cannon on the top of his shell. that can launch rapid streams of fireballs and homing rockets. Donkey Kong will get to face Army Dillo in this battle and it will basically follow the same format as the one in Jungle Japes. Except Army Dillo will use a shock wave attack after he tries to crush Donkey Kong. When his cannons explode, Army will reveal his cannon on the top of his shell. He will then hover in the air and fire fireballs towards the ceiling which rain down on Donkey Kong. When he lands, he will fire a homing missile that DK needs to dodge. Once it explodes, Donkey Kong can throw a TNT Barrel and it will make Army Dillo's shell short-circuit and explode. leaving him naked. Army Dillo will fly into the air while spinning and disappears, revealing the sixth K. Lumsy Key.

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