Baboon Blast

Baboon Blast
DK Power Pad.jpg
Donkey Kong standing in front of a Power Pad, which grants him a power unique to his character once stood upon after pressing a button combo
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Launching Donkey Kong through a series of barrels

Baboon Blast, also called the Barrelum Perilous, is a power granted to Donkey Kong after he stands upon a Power Pad bearing the likeness of his face. It is in the exact same shape as the musical instrument pads and can also only be activated while pressing a button/button combo after the respective character is standing directly on top of the space. Donkey Kong can buy this Potion Move from Cranky Kong at Cranky's Lab for 3 coins.

This particular Power Pad sends Donkey Kong rocketing into the air and into the first of many midair-floating barrels that he must launch himself through with precise timing while risking an oddly non-fatal fall should he miss. You are usually given a Golden Banana once you reach the end of the series of these lighter-than-air barrels.

This Power Pad is a throwback to the level design of the first three Donkey Kong Country games made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, most notably the first, in which you must launch your playable Kong through a similar series of barrels in order to traverse rather treacherous levels.

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