Banana Balloon

Banana Balloon
Banana BalloonsDK64.gif
The appearance of three different Banana Balloons in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function Gives you ten individual Bananas
Location Wherever a Golden Banana was found

Banana Balloons are helpful supplements to the five different types of coloured Bananas featured in Donkey Kong 64. It takes on the appearance of an average balloon, sporting five different colors pertaining to each member of the DK Crew they belong to.

The Banana Balloon only appears at each location where certain Golden Bananas are found, usually within rooms where a challenge or obstacle was overcome in order to reach that point. After appearing out of thin air, this item will strafe back and forth through the open air, so you'll need precise timing with your weapon in order to pop it with a shot of ammo. Once hit, the Banana Balloon will offer up ten individual Bananas to your count for that level.

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