Banana Fairy Island

Banana Fairy Island
The appearance of Banana Fairy Island in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function A safe and suitable place for the Banana Fairy colony to call their home
Location Inbetween DK Isle and Crocodile Island

Banana Fairy Island is an island calmly settled between both DK Isle and Crocodile Island, supposedly removing itself from the ongoing feud between the two land masses entirely. It is the official home of the beautiful and mysterious Banana Fairy colony and the Banana Fairy Queen who leads them, respectively. It is considerably smaller than the two main islands and has a shape taken after the face of a Banana Fairy, just as DK Isle resembles Donkey Kong's face and Crocodile Island resembles King K. Rool's body.

This unique little island can only be entered by Tiny Kong while utilizing her Mini Monkey Power Barrel power-up, for the mouth-shaped entrance was only built for the common use of the extremely-small Banana Fairies(it is also handy for keeping out unwanted intruders). Inside, Tiny Kong will find the Banana Fairy Queen weeping at the loss of all of her Banana Fairy, being frightened away by the Kremling Krew and scattering themselves throughout each of the eight worlds. This is where she bestows upon Tiny Kong and the other four Kongs the Banana Fairy Camera, which will allow them to take pictures of each and every Banana Fairy they come across in each of the eight levels, allowing the Banana Fairy Queen to summon each of them back to the island once returned. A special Rareware-stickered Golden Banana is the prize given for returning each of the Banana Fairy children safe and sound.

Lanky Kong standing outside the entrance to Banana Fairy Island, too big to get in.
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