Blast & Bounce

Blast & Bounce
Blast and bounce.jpg
Donkey Kong at the beginning of the Blast & Bounce level.
Location: 5-K Forest Location: 5-K Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Blast & Bounce is the fifth special temple level featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Reaching the end will grant you one of the eight coloured spheres that are needed to unlock the Golden Temple.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

A consistent stream of risky Danger Barrels and midair enemies is the bulk of what you'll face in this temple level. It starts out with a trio of Tiki Buzzs hovering over top of three corresponding Tiki Zings directly underneath them, which must be bounced off of(or hovered over)in order to reach the pantheon of Danger Barrels that are to follow. The series starts with a couple single barrels launching you through an array of obtrusive Tiki Zings orbiting each barrel in groups of 1-3. After working through five of these individual obstacles, a new obstacle will come up in the form of a larger, single Tiki Zing with a Danger Barrel constantly shifting clockwise to the left, right, top, and bottom of this enemy in a constant cycle. Time your way through this obstacle while encountering the previous obstacle as well and you'll reach the midway point of this treacherous aerial trek.

From here, you'll have to bounce off of two more Tiki Buzzes with mobile Tiki Zings underneath them, blast upwards out of a single Danger Barrel, and run through a series of bouncy tires and upright Danger Barrels with regular and large-sized Tiki Zings moving up and down in a vertical fashion in between them. This short obstacle then leads to groups of Tiki Buzzes afloat in between single, mobile Tiki Zings(the Tiki Buzzes are scattered in an uneven fashion, making it noticeably more difficult to dodge the Tiki Zings). Persevere safely in order to reach a lone, upright Danger Barrel that will blast you through two brick walls with "DK" printed on them, sending you careening into the background. This will land you on a long section of solid bouncy tires segmented by columns of regular and large-sized, mobile Tiki Zings floating amidst random drop-offs. As you move further, it will become more congested, with regular-sized Tiki Zings on both sides of you and large-sized Tiki Zings floating in the air just above your head.

Getting past that rather tricky obstacle will thrust you into a section of many Danger Barrels that will blast you in a zigzag fashion up to the top of a large, vertical tower of chained, grey gongs. From here, you'll need to descend by way of each Danger Barrel provided, with nosy Tiki Zings getting in your way as you progress. From here, you'll need to bounce off of three spaced-out bouncy tires with large Tiki Zings in between each in order to enter a Danger Barrel. After this, you'll need to work your way through a series of Danger Barrels, moving in a vertical direction and facing right. Large Tiki Zings and an increase in speed with each cleared barrel will be your obstacles in this situation. Surpassing that area will lead you to four Danger Barrels, blasting you through a clear area prior to reaching the final stretch of the level. This section consists of many Tiki Zings and Launch Barrels intertwining in a clockwise, circular fashion. Surpassing this final obstacle will lead you to another set of four Danger Barrels, blasting you onto the safe platform leading to the respective coloured sphere.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Hidden out of sight in between the very first set of two Danger Barrels that you'll come across. You'll need to free fall in between this first pair in order to be shot back into the air by a secret Danger Barrel and reach the Piece located high above you. Hard
2 Located between a pair of Danger Barrels that can only be reached after launching yourself from the barrel orbiting the fourth in an ongoing series of large Tiki Zings. You have to launch yourself when the barrel is pointing in the upper-right position. Hard
3 Located high above an upright Danger Barrel with two Tiki Buzzes, one on top of another, that you must high-bounce off of in order to reach. Easy
4 Floating in the middle of two orbiting Tiki Zings, located high above the straight of background-based bouncy tires. Normal
5 Located past a pair of large Tiki Zings that can be found on top of the third vertically-sliding Danger Barrel that you have to blast to. Instead of doing this, blast above these enemies in order to safely surpass them, grab the Puzzle Piece and smoothly reach the fourth barrel just ahead of them. Easy
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