Blowhole Bound

Blowhole Bound
Blowhole bound.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on the back of a whale in the Blowhole Bound level.
Location 2-6 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Blowhole Bound is the sixth level featured in the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

Blowhole Bound starts off on the sandy beach. A DK Barrel can be picked up from the start of the level if the player has lost Diddy Kong. The Kongs are met with multiple Snap enemies that they will need to avoid or defeat to continue with the level. Before passing the Squidly, Donkey Kong can pound the sandy platform in front of the shipwreck to find a barrel that will shoot him to the shipwreck and play a Bonus Game for a Puzzle Piece.

After the Bonus Game, the Kongs will go down a hill and onto a pier before having to ride the whale that waits at the end of the small pier. The Kongs will have to ride the whale to progress through the level while avoiding more Squidly enemies, as well as Electrasquid enemies. Snap enemies will also jump onto the whale as the whale swims on that the Kongs should defeat. The whale will reach shore that has several treasure chests and a checkpoint. The Kongs will reach another pier with the whale waiting for them at the end of the pier once more.

This whale segment will have barrel platforming if the player wants to continue with the level. Avoiding Jellybobs, the Kongs will make it onto floating shipwreck pieces that the whale will ram into and destroy. The Kongs will need to cross these shipwreck pieces quickly and land back on the whale. The Kongs will have to go through this once more, while using a barreling segment to continue before landing back on the whale. From here, the whale will pass by a small area of floating Bananas, a Heart Piece, a Balloon and a Puzzle Piece before reaching the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Ground Pound a trapdoor near the start of the level to drop into a barrel and shoot towards the shipwreck in the background to play a Bonus Game. Collect everything before time runs out. Easy
2 After the whale drops you off on the island, clear out all the enemies and open all treasure chests, as well as roll through the bowling birds. Then Ground Pound near the checkpoint for the Puzzle Piece to drop out of the palm tree. Easy
3 When approaching this Puzzle Piece, lots of Squidlys will appear from the right and the Kongs will need to jump on them to reach the Puzzle Piece. Watch out for the Electric ones! Normal
4 After shooting through a series of barrels, the Kongs will land on some platforms with masts. Quickly move across these platforms to collect the Puzzle Piece floating above one of the platforms. Normal
5 Once back on the whale, the last Puzzle Piece will appear with the floating Bananas. Using the Snaps, use the double jump to reach the last Puzzle Piece. Normal
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