Bombs Away

Bombs Away
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dodging instant death in the Bombs Away level.
Location: 4-3 Cave Location: 4-3 Cave
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Bombs Away is the third level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cave. This level is entirely based inside of a minecart(and not balancing on top of one!.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins at the mouth of the entrance to a mineshaft(which contains nine cool Banana Bunches for idle players who aren't quick on the draw)set amidst a deep, dark, craggy cavern similar to the one you previously trekked through. Jump up to a wooden platform set at the edge of off a rocky pitfall and jump across to the waiting minecart that will guide you through this entirely on-rails stage! You'll encounter a quick, moderate slope downward that will grant you a smooth line of Bananas, then will need to hop a couple of perilous gaps in the track almost immediately afterward. It's at this point that a separate set of tracks displayed in the foreground will show up, where a Mole Miner will be seen riding it's own cart, following your pace. You'll also notice a ceiling of blue crystals appear above your head(be wary, as they are deadly to the touch while partaking in this form of travel!).

As you come up to another gap in the tracks, the peering Mole Miner will disappear down a slope in it's line of tracks, distracting you as you must duck underneath a low-lying ceiling of dangerous blue crystal. Jump another gap immediately following this obstacle and be ready to either jump on top off or over a Mole Miner that will suddenly appear in your tracks and heading straight for you! After jumping another Mole Miner soon after the last, jump yet another gap in the tracks and onto a higher elevation of track. Once you land, be ready to jump again as a gap will appear underneath a ceiling of blue crystal, so be careful as to how much "oomph" you put into it. After landing again, quickly jump high up onto another set of track that will lead you down a deeper slope underneath another blue crystal ceiling(that you must duck for).

Be ready to swiftly jump up onto another set of track that will take you through another section of blue crystal ceiling that will randomly change in height as you move along, forcing you to be wary with your ducking(the random road blocks in your way don't help much either). After making it out of that section in one piece, jump over a couple more gaps and you'll be travelling down a longer piece of track that will hastily slope downwards, forcing you to jump a couple more gaps once you reach the bottom. Once the new piece of track has been reached, the second set of tracks will once again appear in the foreground as well as our little Mole Miner stalker. While you travel down a really long(and seemingly safe)straightaway, this enemy will randomly chuck bombs onto your track, creating sudden and unexpected gaps for you to avoid along your way!

As you move on past this point, dodging a couple more Mole Miners on your track, the pursuing enemy will suddenly hurl a giant group of bombs up into the ceiling, breaking off many massive blue crystals that will come crashing down onto your piece of track, forging more abrupt gaps for you to overcome. After this series of deadly dangers, you'll need to quickly duck under a rather long stretch of low-lying blue crystal ceiling(avoiding yet another random Mole Miner as he speeds towards you in the opposite direction! As you jump up higher elevations of track through more gaps, make sure to pay attention to the random segments of separated blue crystal ceiling that will lie overtop of each section. It's at this point that you'll reach a safe straightaway and run right underneath a Pig Checkpoint. From here, you'll encounter a very long stretch of blue crystal ceiling, where you must duck to avoid random pieces of it that will suddenly fall down towards you without warning!

As you emerge from that series of death traps, a straight line of five Mole Miners will form in front of you, riding in your direction. Act fast and jump on each of their vulnerable heads in order to avoid disaster! Jump a gap after decimating that series of enemies in order to meet up with your stalking Mole Miner friend again, who will persist to throw bombs in your way as you're in motion(this time at a noticably quicker rate). After dodging a quick series of gaps that this enemy creates, the Mole Miner will suddenly run out of track and be sent flying through the open air, off of his cart, and into another located on a new strip of track at the end of the giant pitfall he soared across. As you duck under another low-lying blue crystal ceiling, this Mole Miner will pull a noticeably-oversized bomb(marked with a skull-and-cross-bones)out, ready to toss it, but will let it go after he crashes into an unforgiving road block and is stopped permanently!

After jumping past a series of large breaks in the track caused by the accidentally-dropped super bomb, you will come up to a section of track that has been curled into an almost perfect circular shape. As it would appear your ride has come to a sudden end, this morphed piece of track will break off from the rest and you'll be forced to ride this tumbleweed of twisted metal as it rolls along it's way(repeatedly jumping the gap located in it's length), crushing many large blue crystals along the way(the perfect revenge!!). After the ground falls away, you'll need to jump from this odd piece of mobile track and onto a bent-up and broken straightaway of track that will ultimately send you flying from your trusty minecart and directly underneath the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 On top of a raised piece of track that can only be reached by high-jumping off of the very second Mole Miner that heads towards you on the track. Normal
2 Located on top of a short section of cutoff track that can be reached with a slight hop off of the edge of the track located after the first low-lying blue crystal ceiling. Hard
3 Found at the end of a hidden piece of broken track that can be accessed if you deliberately fall off of the edge of a piece of track encountered after the series of blue crystals fall from up above. Hard
4 Located near the end of the last series of low-lying blue crystal ceilings. Since this Puzzle Piece is deliberately set in front of a sentient shaft of blue crystal(that you must duck under)specific timing is needed in this case. Hard
5 At the end of a Bonus Room found inside of a mineshaft entrance located to the very right of the End-Level Barrel. Normal
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