Bongo Blast

Bongo Blast
Bongo Blast.jpg
Donkey Kong executing the Bongo Blast as his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Defeating all enemies within the surrounding area, activating in-game secrets

The Bongo Blast is Donkey Kong's special matching instrument that was exclusively introduced in Donkey Kong 64. It wielded the ability to defeat all surrounding enemies in the area within a certain radius as well as activate in-game events such as opening locked and caged doors that are otherwise inaccessible. This power could only be activated while standing on top of a pad bearing a depiction of bongos while playing as Donkey Kong.

Post-Donkey Kong 64 led to further appearances of this iconic weapon in the Gamecube beat game, Donkey Konga and the beat-driven adventure/side-scroller/fighter, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Both games were only compatible with a Gamecube controller shaped as a pair of bongos which plugged right into the console just as a regular set would. This popular add-on was going to be adapted into the cancelled Donkey Kong Racing and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast(which was originally planned for the Gamecube but was ported to the Wii at the last minute).

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