A Buckbot as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Species Chicken
Home Donkey Kong Island
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Leader N/A

Buckbotss are common enemies found in the Factory world of Donkey Kong Island. They are very tame adversaries who do no more than vigiliently pace back and forth where they stand. A simple jump on the head is all that's needed to crush this enemy into a small explosion of metal and feathers. Their only means of attack is running into any Kong who may accidentally dash into them while in a rush.

[edit] Appearance

The Buckbot takes on the physical appearance of a regular chicken if it happened to be a small robot powered by a wind-up spring. Although given the design based around their heads, they could very well be taking after the common rooster to an extent.

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