Cactus King

Cactus King
Cactus King.jpg
Cactus King as seen in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Home Unknown
Abilities Great strength and endurance
Allies Ghastly King
Enemies Donkey Kong

The Cactus King is a boss who was featured in the Nintendo Gamecube's Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He is the final boss that Donkey Kong must fight after defeating Ninja Kong. He is a gigantic, mutated Kong, at least ten times the size of even Donkey Kong himself, which no doubt proved much difficulty in comparison to previous boss encounters on his part. He has an apparent relation known as Ghastly King, who looks exactly like Cactus King in every way, only he is stronger and has a larger move-set. It has been speculated that these two bosses are actually the same entity altogether, but no confirmation has been given to this fact by either well-endowed fans or developers of the actual game alike.

Cactus King's detailed body shape and design, which perfectly mirrors that of the Ghastly King
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