Canopy Cannons

Canopy Cannon
Canopy cannons.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong blasting away in Canopy Cannons.
Location: 1-5 Jungle Location: 1-5 Jungle
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Canopy Cannons is the fifth level featured in the Jungle world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It can only be accessed after beating the previous Tree Top Bop level.

The Kongs will have to get past a few enemies at the start of the level before reaching the barrel that shoots the Kongs into the background into another barrel. Next they will have to shoot to the next barrel that is past the statue. They will break through the stone block as the top falls down. They will then shoot into a barrel that will bring the back and go through more barrels. Some of these barrels will have single Bananas, and an enemy spinning around the barrel. Next they will have to shoot past a stone with spikes tied to it that's bouncing off a bongo and then to solid land.

The land won't last long as the Kongs will go back to more Barrel platforming before landing on ground again. Before jumping onto the red flower, the Kongs will go past a checkpoint and then cross three big red flowers to get to another barrel with a spiky stone bouncing on a bongo. Past this is more rings of Bananas and an enemy that the Kongs will need to get by. They can collect a Banana Coin, Extra Life Balloon and the N letter along the way too before meeting with another spiky stone. Shooting into the barrel in the background, the Kongs will then shoot another stone that will have these stone enemies jump and try and crush the Kongs as the pass in the barrels. Getting across three more red flowers, the Kongs only need to get past one more spiky stone before reaching the End of Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 After the barrel segment, pound the gourd. Easy
2 When the barrel is pointing straight down, shoot to the right for the Puzzle Piece. Normal
3 Pound a trapdoor near some flowers to enter a bonus area. Collect everything to have the Puzzle Piece appear. Easy
4 After the bonus area, go back to the left past some Awks and Rawk to ground pound near another Gourd. Easy
5 After collecting the N, when the Kongs get to the barrel that shoots up and then to the right. Aim for the top left path to collect the last Puzzle Piece. Normal
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