Cat-O-9-Tails as seen in Donkey Kong Country 2.

[edit] Appearance

Cat-O-9-Tails is a rather demented looking cat enemy with 9 tails found in Donkey Kong Country 2. He is a purple color and has a large head with a scrawny body. He is fairly small in the game about the size of the Kongs.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

His only appearance is in this game, were he is quite rare, only appearing in a few levels. From the Donkey Kong Country 2 instruction book they call him a whirling dervish because he starts spinning his tails madly when the Kongs get close. He can be avoided by jumping over him as he tries to chase you, or by just leaving his area. If the Kongs try to jump on him while he is spinning they will get sucked into it, and flung upward, this does not take health but can result in being thrown into other enemies or off cliffs which results in lost lives. If you try to roll over him the Kongs will take a hit because of the spinning. The best ways to defeat him consist of throwing a Barrel or Crate at him, or by waiting out the spinning by jumping over him a few times as he tries to get you, after a little while he will become dizzy allowing the Kongs to jump on his head or roll him over. He can move pretty fast while spinning, and can not be attacked unless by throwing an object at him.

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