Chimpy Charge

Chimpy Charge
Diddy Kong preparing to ram a wall head-on with Chimpy Charge
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Activate wall-based buttons

The Chimpy Charge, or Hurtus Cranium, is Diddy Kong's Potion Move granted to him by one of Cranky Kong's specialized potions which he gives each of the five Kongs as they progress throughout the vast game of Donkey Kong 64. At the cost of 3 coins, Diddy Kong can obtained this potion to learn the Chimpy Charge. These power-ups are much more humble and subtle than that of the Power Pad moves, granting the user things such as an extra-strong attack or extra move to add to the player's roster rather than invincibility and flight.

This Potion Move gives Diddy Kong an admirable increase in strength in order to execute a full-on headbutt move mainly used to activate trigger buttons located on the walls of any area in any level. This move can also be used to defeat enemies, if one wishes, although the basic attacks are much quicker and easier to pull off if one should be in a rush.

The Chimpy Charge was a serious chance for Diddy Kong to finally prove to the rest of the Kongs that he could exhibit just as much primate strength as his pal Donkey Kong should the situation call for it.

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