Clingy Swingy

Clingy Swingy
Clingy swingdkcr.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Clingy Swingy level.
Location: 5-2 Forest Location: 5-2 Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Clingy Swingy is the second level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

The level starts out on the outskirts of a tribal treetop village, where ancient carved trees and different wooden idols can be seen adorning the background. A quick split drop-off after the first series of steps will bring you to the very first of a series of suspended, bundled tree trunk platforms, where varying lengths of Cling Grass decorate their outer lengths. This first tree trunk platform will tilt to either side as you climb across it, making it noticeably tricky to dodge the solid row of Tiki Zings below you which constantly shift horizontally and vertically. A regular, suspended wooden plank(which shifts to either side underneath your weight as well), will have a pesky Toothberry awaiting you on it, followed by another located directly underneath a bulbous plant which shoots out a constant series of damaging, yellow spores. Overcome two more Toothberries on a separate platform and you'll have reached the second Cling Grass platform.

While not an actual "platform", this particular obstacle is a large, acorn-shaped hut suspended from the trees. After landing on it successfully, your weight will cause it to swing back and forth, leading you to a second Cling Grass obstacle in the shape of a large log(where you'll find a dangerous yellow snake grazing it's 360 surface). Another swinging, acorn-shaped hut later will bring you to a gigantic quarter piece of a sawed-off tree trunk, taking on the shape of a pendulum. It swings in the same fasion as well, for after you've attached to it's surface, the rope that was holding it in place will immediately break and cause you to swing in a wide fashion across the open forest ceiling(scooping up some useful items near the bottom portion). Following will be a series of solid, tilting platforms, one more spore-shooting plant, and a bunch of pesky bats heading your way to top off the scene(which can become increasingly annoying since they continue coming while you're making your way across the flat, long, tilting platform of Cling Grass that will follow). Afterwards, the previous obstacle and enemy setup will briefly repeat itself, followed by the reaching of your first Pig Checkpoint. The next spore-shooting plant that you'll encounter will be positioned below the next tilting platform of Cling Grass that you'll have to climb across, followed by a series of bats decorating a second platform immediately afterward(there are two shifting lines of Tiki Zings atop each of these platforms, supposedly guarding something...).

The end of that path will lead you to a long, cylindrical-shaped hut coated with Cling Grass all the way around, which will break and swing a short ways towards a perfectly spherical Cling Grass hut, which will enter a steep, diving swing pattern after it's rope breaks. This will take you close to a 360 degree turn up to a perfectly solid, large Cling Grass log, where a regular, tilting platform awaits you shortly above it. This is where you'll find a shorter, bowl-shaped Cling Grass platform placed above a row of shifting Tiki Zings. Followed will be a trio of Toothberries on regular tilting platform placed between you and another cylindrical Cling Grass hut guarded by another shifting Tiki Zing row near the top of it. This will swing you shortly to a waiting acorn-shaped hut, which will deeply swing you to the small, solid platform housing the second Pig Checkpoint. From here, a regular series of tilting platforms, bats, and a spore-shooting plant will each be waiting for you followed a a very large, squared platform with Cling Grass patches coating both of it's bottom edges. This will lead you to a couple of tilting platforms which will take you to a stationary, circular Cling Grass platform guarded by a grazing yellow snake. Overcome three more of these and you'll have reached a long, tilting platform carrying three persistent Toothberries.

Get past a couple more Toothberry-infested tilting platforms and a solid, circular Cling Grass platform making a home to two grazing, yellow snakes, and you'll reach a second pendulum-shaped Cling Grass platform which will steeply swing you in the direction of the End-Level Barrel floating shortly above the top of a large, orange toadstool.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 On the top end of the first flat, long, tilting Cling Grass platform, inside of a breakable gourd. Normal
2 At the end of a Bonus Room, in which the entrance is located at the top end of the first pair of following long Cling Grass platforms, to the far left(it will be a [[Danger Barrel). Normal
3 On the far right side of a cylindrical Cling Grass platform that will be found immediately after finding the last Puzzle Piece, in a breakable gourd. Easy
4 On the top end of the large, squared Cling Grass platform. Hard
5 Located at the very bottom of the very last stationary Cling Grass log that's guarded by a pair of Cling Cobras. Easy
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