Coconut Gun

Coconut Gun
Donkey Kong with his Coconut Gun, armed and ready
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Firing coconuts as projectiles

The Coconut Gun(also known as the "Coconut Cannon" and "Coconut Shooter")is the main weapon that Donkey Kong 64's titular character, Donkey Kong, wields.

This weapon consists of a hallowed-out log, with a protruding twig apparently acting as some sort of comical crosshair system. It has the ability to fire coconuts just as a regular gun would fire bullets, as the name implies. This weapon can only be attained through Funky's Armory(located in Jungle Japes)by exchanging three Banana Coins through Donkey Kong himself, since he is the only character allowed to use this particular weapon. Helpful upgrades can also be added to this weapon as you progress through Donkey Kong 64, all obviously available through Funky's Armory for the right fee. These upgrades can turn out to be subtle, such as a simple enlarged ammo capacity, or something a little more redeemable such as sniper capabilities so you can hunt down oblivious enemies. Early designs for this weapon had the Coconut Gun resemble something a little more intricate than a handheld cannon, which is to say a double-barrel shotgun consisting entirely of wood.

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