Cog Jog

Cog Jog
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Cog Jog level.
Location: 7-5 Factory Location: 7-5 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 9

Cog Jog is the fifth level of the seventh world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. The Pyrobot enemies are introduced in this level and it's also one of the first to include one of the secret Power Switch areas that are needed to power the Rocket.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out on a long safe platform with a gigantic gear from the previous level smashed into the end of it. You'll find yourself inside a large, active complex complete with giant pistons, round, steel vats running along dual tracks, and many cogs in the close background controlling every form of usable platform encountered in this level. Beyond the starting platform will be a pair of circular-shaped, steel girders rotating in opposite directions next to each other. From there, land on another safe platform that leads to a Travel Barrel. You will need to time your ejection from this barrel through another circular girder with three breaks in it leading to a second Travel Barrel. Blast from this barrel with more careful timing in order to reach another solid, rotating girder where a third Travel Barrel will be waiting to blast you through another broken rotating girder.

After reaching the barrel in the middle of this girder, time your blast in order to reach a three-tiered safe platform with a Pogobot bounding down towards you. At the top of this group of platforms, jump off onto a long platform fixed to sets of cogs with two Pyrobots fixed on top of it. After they're done away with, safely make your way across a gap and onto three smaller platforms rotating on cogs in synchronization. From there, you'll need to jump off of a series of mobile platforms that not only move in the direction of the cogs, but also tilt with their motion as well, forcing you to be on higher alert. After those obstacles have passed, you'll have made it to a well-earned Pig Checkpoint and adjacent DK Barrel. Take out a Pyrobot near the edge of this safe platform and hop onto a pair of platforms attached to either side of a single cog rotating clockwise(these platforms tilt under your weight, so be careful).

From there, you'll be able to land on a giant, orange switch(acting as a makeshift platform)before reaching a safe platform carrying a pesky Tiki Bomber. Take it out and jump off onto a pair of long platforms attached to cogs that tilt with their movement(these platforms tilt considerably sharper than the previous ones, so be on your toes). Hastily make it past those obstacles and then into another Travel Barrel. Shoot through a circular girder with two breaks in it to reach another barrel, blast onto an orange switch platform, tread across a solid, giant, circular, steel platform(which hides the first secret Power Area that can be reached by Ground Pounding a secret panel at it's middlemost point), and onto another orange switch platform. From here, you'll find yourself on another safe platform with another Tiki Bomber waiting for you on a higher level. Extinguish it's flame and carry on to another orange switch platform lying underneath a Travel Barrel. This barrel will fire you into another one waiting in the middle of a circular girder with three breaks in it. Time your blast out of this girder and into another lone Travel Barrel, which will blast you onto another pair of tilting, rotating, flat platforms.

After safely taking out the Tiki Buzz and Pyrobot that you'll find adjacent to another safe platform carrying the second Pig Checkpoint, you'll need to jump onto a circular-shaped, half-girder with Cling Grass "chains" attached to it's surface. Wait for it to swing out to a second half-girder, then land on an orange switch platform. From there, make your way across a long, sharp-tilting girder platform in order to reach another orange switch platform. Bounce off of another Tiki Buzz in order to reach a single, flat, rotating girder platform which will swing you out within reach of the "Cling Chains" resting on the bottom of another long, sharp-tilting girder platform. Once there, drop down to an orange switch platform once it's partially visible below you, then grab onto another half-girder that will bring you in range of a Travel Barrel set in the middle of a circular girder with two breaks in it. This barrel will blast you onto another pair of half-girders which you'll need to utilize in order to reach a small safe platform with a Pyrobot residing on it.

From that point, jump off of this platform and into a lone Travel Barrel, which will be able to blast you into the End-Level Barrel that's located in the middle of a circular girder with two large breaks in it. Careful timing wins the day!

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a lamp hanging overhead to the far left at the very beginning of the level(adjacent to the giant, busted gear). Easy
2 Underneath a gap between the three-tiered safe platforms. Use a hidden barrel just out of sight to the left in order to reach it. Hard
3 Inside of a breakable lamp fan on top of a medium-sized tilting platform. Normal
4 At the end of a Bonus Room found inside of a hidden pipe located high above the first Pig Checkpoint. You'll need to use the Tiki Buzz that's almost off-screen near the top in order to locate it. Normal
5 Inside of a hanging lamp that's just out of sight at the same height as the Bonus Room pipe. You'll need to use the pair of rotating, tilting platforms in order to reach it. Normal
6 Located at the very top of a "tower" of three flat platforms moving and tilting on a cog. You'll need to use the tilt to your advantage in order to climb your way up. Normal
7 Inside of a breakable sack located in the middle of two large, flat, tilting platforms that you'll need to jump off of while they're at their highest points in order to reach. Remember that only a barrel could possibly break these sacks. Normal
8 Hovering overtop of a circular girder with four breaks in it. You'll need to avoid the Travel Barrel in order to reach this Puzzle Piece, using both sides of each girder piece in order to safely reach the outside portion and jump up to it. Normal
9 At the highest point of the second half-girder you'll encounter in this level. Make sure to wait until you've made a full rotation before fully spotting this last Puzzle Piece. Hard
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