Coral Quarrel

Coral Quarrel
Coral Quarrel.png
Theme Underwater
Animal Buddy Enguarde
Game Donkey Kong Land III

Coral Quarrel is the first level of the Primate Plains in Donkey Kong Land III. It takes place in the depths of a large lake.

In order to complete this level, Dixie and Kiddy Kong will need to swim through the narrow passages, between coral reefs and avoid various enemies found throughout the level. Bounty Basses will try to block the Kongs' way throughout the level as well. They will also encounter Bazzas, Lurchins, and Koco enemies in this water level.

Enguarde also makes an appearance in this level and help them until the end of the world. The DK Coin of this world can be found without defeating the Koin.

[edit] Layout

The level starts off with the Kongs swimming amongst the brightly colored coral and traveling through several sharp turns, while avoiding underwater enemies. After collecting the letter K, they will have to swim through more sharp turns while moving diagonally around undersea plants. The path will eventually straighten out and the Kongs' can swim around more enemies until they come across a school of Bazzas. After that, they will have to make a U turn and swim upwards. They will then find themselves hovering downwards before finding the Star Barrel.

Past the Star Barrel, they will come across an arrow that leads to an area full of narrow paths. Heading north, they will travel through an array of passages. Following a few arrows, created by bananas, they will come across an Animal Barrel with Enguarde the swordfish inside of it. Next, they will have to head north and follow more arrows pointing west. Once past the DK Barrel, they will continue west and head through a diagonal path. At the top, they will go by a Lurch and over the No Animal Sign. Once past the sign, they will see the flagpole to end the level.

[edit] Bonus Levels

  • Passed the letter K, head downwards and find an area with a school of Bazzas. Slipping past the Bazzas, they can hover downwards to find the Bonus Barrel. For this Bonus Barrel, they will need to swim through the area in twenty seconds to find the Bonus Coin.
  • Below the DK Barrel near the end of the level, they will need to head into a small gap and move south. They will come across the letter G. Swim west to find the next Bonus Barrel. In this Bonus Barrel, they will have to collect stars in twenty seconds.

[edit] DK Coin

Below the Star Barrel, the Kongs will find an arrow pointing to the right. Ignoring the arrow, they should travel into a small opening on the left and swim west for a while before finding the DK Coin floating in front of a dead-end.

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