Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab
Cranky's Lab ext.png
The outer appearance of Cranky's Lab in Donkey Kong 64
First/Only Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Throughout seven of the eight levels featured in Donkey Kong 64
Purpose Supply Potion Moves and other useful power-ups

Cranky's Lab made it's debut in Donkey Kong 64 as the new home of Cranky Kong, who has apparently given up his past life plans to grumble and grouch to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong whenever they'd come over to his Cabin(also known as Cranky's Cabin)back in the original Donkey Kong Country, in order to replace it with the respectable occupation of a scientist/chemist, concocting various strength/potential-enhancing formulas(known as Potion Moves)for his five Kong allies to drink as they journey through eight treacherous levels spanning various locations in order to defeat the evil King K. Rool and save DK Isle from ultimate destruction.

Among many abilities/power-ups that Cranky's potions provide, such as Donkey Kong's Baboon Blast and Diddy Kong's Chimpy Charge, this elderly Kong isn't through giving out helpful advice regarding in-game hints and secrets in order to help you along your way(as he did inbetween ranting in the original Donkey Kong Country).

It's been said that this sudden occupational change was poorly covered up by Cranky Kong back in Donkey Kong Country, where he claimed he couldn't invite the Kongs into his Cabin due to the fact that the video game "doesn't have enough memory to show the inside". It's quite obvious that this was what the old primate was really hiding from our heroic duo all this time, and it appears that Cranky Kong finally wants to give back after keeping such a secret hidden for so long.

Cranky's Lab does not appear in Hideout Helm, as all necessary Potion Moves would have been long attained up to that point.

[edit] Potion Upgrades

Kong Potion Description Cost Location
All Kongs Simian Slam Will allow all Kongs to perform a ground pound. Free DK Isle
Donkey Kong Baboon Blast Will allow Donkey Kong to use the Donkey Pad to blast into the Barrel Blast Course. 3 Coins Jungle Japes
Diddy Kong Chimpy Charge Will allow Diddy to dash into certain gates and gongs with his head. 3 Coins Jungle Japes
Lanky Kong Orangstand Will help Lanky climb up steep hills by pressing "Z" and "B". 3 Coins Jungle Japes or Angry Aztec
Tiny Kong Mini-Monkey Jumping into a Tiny Barrel, will allow Tiny to shrink in size and enter small holes that weren't accessible when she was normal size. 3 coins Jungle Japes or Angry Aztec
Chunky Kong Hunky Chunky By jumping into a Chunky Barrel, it will allow Chunky to grow in size and lift heavier items and defeat enemies easier. 3 coins Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, or Frantic Factory
Donkey Kong Strong Kong Jumping into a Donkey Barrel, will allow DK to turn invisible and will allow him to dangerous areas that usually cause damage. 5 coins Angry Aztec
Diddy Kong Rocketbarrel Boost By jumping into a Diddy Barrel, it will allow Diddy to fly using his rocketbarrels. 5 coins Angry Aztec
Donkey Kong Gorilla Grab Will allow Donkey Kong to pull levers. 7 coins Frantic Factory
Diddy Kong Simian Spring Will allow Diddy Kong to spring to high places by pressing "Z" on a Diddy Pad. 7 coins Frantic Factory
Lanky Kong Baboon Balloon Will allow Lanky Kong to follow in the air for a short period of time after pressing "Z" on a Lanky Pad. 5 coins Frantic Factory
Tiny Kong Ponytail Twirl Allows Tiny Kong to cross wide gaps and reach far away platforms by using her ponytails. 5 coins Frantic Factory
Chunky Kong Primate Punch Will allow Chunky to punch down gates and defeat enemies. 5 coins Jungle Japes, Angry Aztec, or Frantic Factory
All Kongs Super Simian Slam Similar to the Simian Slam, but the switches are blue. 5 coins Fungi Forest
Lanky Kong Orangstand Sprint Jumping into a Lanky Barrel will allow Lanky to use the Orangstand with more speed 7 coins Crystal Caves
Tiny Kong Monkeyport Pressing "Z" on the Tiny Pad will transport Tiny to another Tiny Pad in the level. 7 coins Crystal Caves
Chunky Kong Gorilla Gone Stepping on a Chunky Pad will allow Chunky to turn invisible and see things that he couldn't see before. 7 coins Crystal Caves
All Kongs Super Duper Simian Slam Same as the previous Simian Slams, except red switches. 7 coins Creepy Castle
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