Creepy Castle

Creepy Castle
Creepy castle.jpg
Diddy Kong in the Haunted Library of Creepy Castle.
Location DK Isle
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Theme Castle/Haunted
Boss King Kut Out

Creepy Castle is the seventh world of Donkey Kong 64. It is a floating castle high in the sky, and if any Kong falls off the ledge, it results in instant death. The Kongs can collect Bananas and Golden Bananas on the outside of the castle as well as the inside. It can be reached by the barrel cannon behind K. Lumsy's island after getting the Boss Key from Fungi Forest. The Kongs will need a total of 80 Golden Bananas to gain access to the area.


[edit] Overview

Creepy Castle is a large castle that floats in the sky. Outside there is a constant thunderstorm and it is always raining in the area. Inside the castle, there is a gloomy feeling and there is barely any light. Various moans and noises can be heard inside of the castle.

It is unknown who made Creepy Castle and why it floats in the sky and can only be reached by the barrel cannon that is outside of K. Lumsy's island. The castle will house numerous challenges for the Kongs to complete and overcome. As well as facing off against King K. Rool's henchman that have been spread-ed out throughout the level. The henchman will keep to the theme of the level by being based on undead enemies like Bone-Kritters and already dead henchman who act as ghosts in the level.

Creepy Castle is divided into several areas that are within the castle and the outside. It will host several interesting locations such as, a large tree, and a greenhouse that hide Donkey Kong's Golden Bananas. Inside the castle, there will be many rooms to explore, like a haunted library, regal ballroom, and a museum that will hold different pieces of art like a painting of Kaptain K. Rool. Which is a reference to the boss of Donkey Kong Country 2.

The lower levels of the castle will host a series of labyrinth-like catacombs that will be home of a mine cart track, various enemies, and a Kremling ghost that will attack anyone who intrudes on his domain.

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab can be found outside of the castle and around the middle of the castle as the player progresses up the castle from the outside. The 3rd Banana Port is located outside of Cranky's Lab. There is one move that the Kongs can learn in this level from Cranky Kong. At the cost of 7 coins, the Kongs can purchase the Super Duper Simian Slam (Bigga Buttus Bashium) potion. This potion will be taught to all Kongs and will allow them to pound the red Kong switches.

[edit] Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory can be found on the lower level inside of the castle. A path of blue Bananas will lead the Kongs to the armory and there is one upgrade that the Kongs can learn here. For the cost of 7 coins, the Kongs can purchase the last weapon upgrade which is the Sniper upgrade, which allows the Kongs to zoom in to snipe their enemies or hit switches.

[edit] Candy's Music Store

Candy's Music Store can be found on the lower level inside of the castle. The Banana Port 1 can be located outside of the entrance to the area. The final upgrade for the musical instruments can be purchased here. At the cost of 9 coins, the Kongs can purchase the second upgrade to their instrument.

[edit] Boss

The boss for Creepy Castle is King Kut Out. He is a cardboard made replica of King K. Rool. All Kongs are required to battle this boss as there is a Tag Barrel in the boss fight. When a Kong is defeated, they are replaced with another Kong. The Kongs will need to enter the barrel cannon and shot themselves at King Kut Out to do damage to it. Missing the boss, will result in losing a Kong.

[edit] Enemies

Enemies that can be found in Creepy Castle:

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