Crowded Cavern

Crowded Cavern
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong giving chase to a gigantic Squeekly in Crowded Cavern.
Location: 4-5 Cave Location: 4-5 Cave
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Crowded Cavern is the fourth level of the fifth world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cave. This level almost entirely consists of riding inside of the Rocket Barrel.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins in the middle of a deeper, darker, wetter portion of the Caves, which is clearly overgrown with mammoth-sized fungi and wrought with more old, inoperable mines. As you move along up a deserted piece of completely wooden track, you'll notice an empty minecart waiting vacant atop an unreachable perch above you. Before you even have a chance to fathom this dilemma, the wooden track will momentarily shake underneath your feet before collapsing entirely! It is then that you will plummet down a deep, wide shaft lined with blue crystals and compiles of wood nailed to the walls. When you eventually reach the bottom of this sudden fall, you'll move on to discover an entirely colony of Squeeklies snoozing softly within every nook and cranny of this underground location.

After coming across a giant, purple Squeekly sleeping soundly on top of an oversized stone perch, you'll soon reach a dropoff with a Rocket Barrel waiting for your presence. A discomforting conclusion will come to you all too soon after firing up this Rocket Barrel for flight, as it will abruptly wake up every snoring Squeekly in the cavern, including the enormous one(and it appears to have a rather nasty temper)! From this point, various Squeeklies will emerge from the background and fly right into your direction as you "rocket" your way across a large clearing, positioning themselves at various altitudes each time. After that obstacle is passed, you'll enter an enclosed cave portion of this trek, where you'll first encounter the wide-awake and quite cranky giant Squeekly!

It will abruptly burst from underneath a row of wooden boards in the ground after you exit the short cave, trailing you close from behind, fruitlessly trying to swallow you in a single gulp! As you move past a bed of upright stalactites down below, the giant Squeekly will quickly veer off into the background after you fly into another smaller cave that this gigantic creature won't be able to fit into. As you cut a path through this wet and rocky remnant of an old mining operation, the giant Squeekly can be seen peeking through gaping cracks in the granite wall, waiting for it's next chance! After passing over a much-anticipated Pig Checkpoint, you'll exit the enclosed cave and enter a second cavernous clearing. It is here that you'll encounter a new breed of larger, blue, portly Squeeklies that will randomly move up and down in a fixed vertical direction as you pass overtop or underneath them(tread carefully here).

After getting past these new Squeeklies(while also avoiding groups of smaller, familiar ones), you'll fly overtop of a flat, wooden walkway with a lowered rocky ceiling above. Not too long after reaching this area will the giant Squeekly make a surprising return by smashing through the helpless planks below, angrily biting at the open air in hopes of grabbing your sorry simian hide! Carefully yet hastily pass this area and you'll enter a mirrored location, with a wooden-plank walkway up above and a stone floor below. As would be expected, the giant Squeekly also breaks through these boards and attempts to send you to your demise. After passing this area, you'll reach a similar looking location, where the wooden walkway is back on the floor below and various stalactites originating from both the floor and ceiling are in your path.

To make matters worse, the giant Squeekly will once again demonstrate it's lightning speed and break through the brittle boards below, pursuing you from behind! After dodging each stalactite successfully, you will luckily reach a very small opening to another small cave portion, which will cause the giant Squeekly to humorously crash into it as you lose his pursuit. As you move through this safe, rocky portion of the cavern, another Pig Checkpoint will greet you. For the final stretch, you'll steer your Rocket Barrel over an oversized, upright stalactite and under an overhanging, wooden crane before entering the last clearing of this level. As one would expect at this point, the giant Squeekly will promptly appear behind you(this time mysteriously breaking out of nothing), and give desperate chase to you once more!

To your unpleasant surprise, this towering creature will begin to fire deadly sonic blasts from it's mouth as you blast away from it(this requires following a specific yet simple pattern in order to properly dodge these instant-death projectiles). Aftef successfully avoiding each of those audible terrors, the giant Squeekly will proceed to fire a devastating burst of continuous energy from it's mouth(which is pretty easy to stay away from as the warning prior is rather clear). After this mammoth enemy has exhausted it's last-ditch attempt, it will unwittingly trip over a giant mound of blue crystal and be knocked unconscious at your back as your Rocket Barrel coincidentally runs out of fuel and you drop right underneath the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Sneakily appears to the very left of the collapsing, wooden walkway at the very beginning of the level, requiring just the right timing and speed in order to successfully reach it. Hard
2 At the end of a Bonus Room located in an open entrance in the left stone wall at the end of the long, wide drop shaft. Normal
3 Located at the highest point of a cluster of Bananas and Banana Bunches found inside of the first small cave. Easy
4 To the very right of the giant Squeekly after it bursts from the wooden plank walkway in the floor! Normal
5 In the lower right-hand corner of a square of collectibles found in the very last stretch of the level, after your large pursuer chases you for the final time. Normal
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