DK Barrel

Buddy Barrel
Buddy BarrelDKC.jpg
The Buddy Barrel as seen in Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Location Found in vital or checkpoint-like areas of each stage
Features Grants an extra hit and an extra Kong

DK Barrels are staple items found in every installment of the Donkey Kong Country and the Donkey Kong Land series' to date, reappearing with the exact same function and overall appearance each and every time.

This item is essential to the Kongs' survival in tougher levels offered in this series as they always conceal one of the two playable Kongs featured in each installment. To date you can find either Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, or Kiddy Kong in these special barrels. The DK Barrel is normally found near the beginning of the stage to get the Kongs all set and ready for the challenge ahead. They can later be rarely found in particular areas of stages that the Kongs would have most likely taken an unavoidable hit to get there. Each time a Kong is hit by an enemy, they will run off and hide in any Buddy Barrel they can find, leaving the remaining Kong behind. Finding this item will immediately bust the barrel open upon touching it and reunite a Kong with its partner instantly.

The DK Barrel resembles a regular Barrel with a "DK" logo printed on the front side. Their presence is indicated by the noises each Kong hiding inside makes. The sound varies by every Kong that is found in the barrel.

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