Damp Dungeon

Damp Dungeon
Damp Dungeon.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Damp Dungeon level.
Location: 3-4 Ruins Location: 3-4 Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 9

Damp Dungeon is the fourth level featured in the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Ruins.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out in another lush jungle segment overrun with tilted and falling cylindrical pillars slightly resembling the Screaming Pillars. As you move on, you'll soon find yourself inside an immense, cavernous structure completely filled with crystal-clear water and large waterwheels of varying sizes, which turns out to be this level's main obstacle that you must master. The first set of waterwheels you'll encounter upon entering this wet temple vary in size dramatically, with a Snaggles usually waiting near the bottom of each one(this usually catches a newcomer by surprise, but all you need is practice down the road to avoid these enemies without even a thought). The first is rather small, with four attached platforms that rotate with the wheel as it spins, usually carrying various items such as Bananas, Banana Bunches, Banana Coins, and even pieces of Heart Health. The second waterwheel is at the very least twice the size as the first, with Banana Bunches on each of it's four platforms and a stationary platform located in the center of the wheel where a Tiki Bomber stands guard(this will become a rather annoying enemy to defeat throughout the level as this particular location in which they're placed makes it beyond awkward to efficiently blow them out with your Kong Blow before one of their projectile flames hit you, since you have no choice but to come at it at such a close range). The other enemies you'll encounter in this level are Rawks and Stilts', which randomly appear on stationary stone walkways inbetween the waterwheel segments.

The following obstacle you'll encounter from there, after taking out a pair of persistent Rawks, is a long strip of Cling Grass set above a dropoff of water and a series of disintegrating pillars offering helpful items on top of them. In between each are a consistent stream of Snaggles which you must avoid with diligence. After defeating your first Stilts of the level and dodging another Tiki Bomber on a large waterwheel, you'll come to a series of noticeably smaller waterwheels which begin spinning faster and faster the further you go. There are also suspended platforms in between each one where snoozing Screaming Pillars are waiting for you(there are helpful items that occasionally appear underneath these enemies). After overcoming the fastest waterwheel at the end of this section, you'll have to make sure to stomp as many Rawks as you can, which happen to infest the non-crumbling platforms for the next brief stretch of this level(bounce off of them in order to snag some extra Banana Coins). After this, you'll have reached a Pig Checkpoint.

Past a second Stilts is a Travel Barrel which will fire you into the background and onto a trio of domino-style collapsing suspended platforms and onto stable land where a pair of sneaky Rawks wait to get a hit in on you. From here is where the waterwheel segments become a tad tricky. Not only are they all large for the rest of the level, they only spin in back-and-forth half circles and adorn a Snaggles on each side of them(there may be an available barrel before each series of waterwheels which you can use to take these persistent sharks out with). Enter the Travel Barrel located at the end of this slightly more difficult section and you'll be greeted with a fresh Cling Grass patch suspended over a solid bed of thorns the whole way through. To make matters slightly more annoying, the third Stilts of this level takes advantage of it's only ability and trots over the thorns with it's bamboo stilts towards you as you're working your way along with the aid of the Cling Grass, making you unable to defend against advancing enemies, unfortunately(you are provided a platform to stand on, but there's barely enough time to drop down before taking a hit). Defeat two more Rawks after overcoming the deadly bed of thorns and you'll be greeted by one last waterwheel and the largest of them all! It rotates two attached platforms(which are evenly spaced apart parallel)fairly fast for it's size and has an extra-gigantic Snaggles guarded the bottom right side of it. Make a well-timed leap of faith off of this waterwheel in order to reach the End-Level Barrel which just happens to be positioned directly above the super-sized Snaggles' jumping region.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Inside of a breakable, tied-up sack hanging from the ceiling. It's found after the second waterwheel of this level and must be busted open with a Barrel/Buddy Barrel as you jump towards it. Hard
2 Underneath the solid platform located at the end of the first stretch of Cling Grass. Ground Pound in order to get underneath! Hard
3 In a breakable lamp underneath the first suspended, solid platform with a Screaming Pillar on top of it. Easy
4 Inside the second Screaming Pillar in this level once it's broken apart with the Ground Pound move. Easy
5 Inside of a yellow-tinted dandelion puff which is located underneath the fastest, smallest waterwheel in this level. Easy
6 Found after winning the Bonus Room after the Pig Checkpoint, which can only be reached by way of a small Cling Grass patch. Normal
7 On a platform in the background of the level which rises from the water after blowing into a large pinwheel located underneath a stone platform. Easy
8 Found in another breakable suspended sack in between a series of larger waterwheels. Hard
9 Found after winning the Bonus Room located under a trick revolving platform directly underneath the 'G' in this level. Normal
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