Feather Fiend

Feather Fiend
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong facing the angry feet of Colonel Pluck's Stompybot 3000 in Feather Fiend.
Location: 5-B Factory Location: 5-B Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hits to Victory 3

Feather Fiend is the tenth level of the seventh world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. This is a boss level in which there are absolutely no K-O-N-G icons or Puzzle Pieces available to collect.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts off with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong entering a rather regular-looking section of the factory, complete with red-coloured pipes, brick walls, and overgrown jungle vegetation in their midst. A short ways later, you'll find a patch of "Cling Chain"s hovering above your head, which must be used to reach a considerably high safe platform. After making it safely, a cutscene will commence that depicts the Kongs coming across hollowed-out pieces of wood running along a large, red assembly line that are being filled to the brim with banana mush by way of an oversized barrel with a nozzle attached. They are startled to discover that this mush comes from the very Banana Hoard that was stolen from them, and that it has the ability to bring life to the Tiki Tak Tribe's legions of mindless Tiki henchmen.

Upon further inspection, they see that this is all being done by way of a giant pair of mechanical legs resembling a chicken(known as the Stompybot 3000), which are squashing each of their Banana Hoard bananas with it's massive feet. The pilot of this mechanical monstrosity, Colonel Pluck, is then possessed by the Area Tiki Boss and proceeds to attack the invading simians as they herocially leap onto the assembly line, stopping it in it's tracks! The battle then begins as the Stompybot 3000 joins them after jumping out of the enormous barrel. This boss's main attack pattern is shuffling it's large legs to the left and right, attempting to squish you in the process. To dodge this initial attack is to simply weave between these lumbering limbs with the right timing(and since it moves so slow at this point, such a feat shouldn't be an issue).

After shuffling all the way to the opposite wall, the Stompybot 3000 will shuffle back to your location with surprising speed. After completing this cycle a couple more times, it will leap into the air from where it stands(which must be the opposite of your location), hover in the air above your current location(using small jet boosters located on it's soles), and then come crashing down with both feet locked next to each other. This means that you'll have to completely move out of the way this time rather than simply weave inbetween. After the Stompybot 3000 attempts to nail you with this move one more time, it will leap into the air once more, perform a 360-degree spin in midair, and then crash to the ground with it's legs spread and the underside inbetween it's legs revealing a small square of "Cling Chains".

This is where you'll need to position yourself in the right location so as to end up inbetween the Stompybot 3000's legs prior to it's hard landing, then cling onto this area and pound it as much as you can by shaking the WiiMote, until the 'C'-shaped meter on it's chest becomes completely red. This will count as the first hit inflicted on this boss. After Colonel Pluck regains his composure, the original attack cycle will repeat. Once you land a successful hit in for the second time at the end of all that, the Stompybot 3000 will then immediately fly into the air and land on the ground hard with it's legs spread, revealing the "Cling Chain" patch on it's body. The only difference is that it purposely performed this move fast enough this time so you didn't have a chance to conveniently position yourself underneath it.

Instead, you'll need to time your entry inbetween it's legs while it occasionally stomps each leg in place. After landing the third successful hit, the Stompybot 3000's mechanical legs will completely split apart and break away, Colonel Pluck's protective cockpit included, revealing an exposed hovering pod that that this crazed poultry is using as a last resort. From this point, Colonel Pluck will hover high above your position, dropping many metal pods containing Buckbots in order to distract you as he attempts to crush you with the bottom of his mode of weakened transportation. Hit him on the head for a fourth hit while he's defenselessly grounded. The Colonel will then return high up into the air, drop a couple more Buckbot pods, then attempt to crush you once more!

Once you've landed the fifth hit, Colonel Pluck will once again hover high up in the air, drop one more Buckbot pod, and then come crashing to the ground will the hopes of hitting a pair of Kongs. After landing the sixth and final hit, the hover ship's pilot will flip upside down into the driver's seat, where the ship will then also flip upside down and hit the assembly line hard, with it's chicken operator being crushed underneath it. It is then that the Area Tiki Boss will emerge dazed from it's victim, where you'll then have the opportunity to punch it into oblivion!

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