Foggy Fumes

Foggy Fumes
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Foggy Fumes level.
Location: 7-1 Factory Location: 7-1 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Foggy Fumes is the first level of the seventh world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. This is the second level in the entire game to set both the player and enemies in a silhouette. A new enemy, the Pogobot is introduced in this level.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

The level starts out on a rickety boardwalk set among rock formations and dinosaur bones shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke, obviously transitioning from the Cliff world to Factory. As you move on, dodging a couple of platform gaps, you'll notice the original construction girders and ladders from the original Donkey Kong Arcade game set in the hazy background. The rickety boardwalk is then replaced with steel girders and structures suspended by thick cables as you continue along, leading the way to a large fan with tilting platforms attached to each wing(it'll rotate with each tilting platform you land on, so be wary of your step). After dodging a moving Tiki Zing running along each edge of a steel platform, hop on a large crane in order to reach a pair of platform fans. jump off of a piston in order to reach a long platform with vertical girders on either side of it(this is where you'll encounter a Pogobot for the very first time).

At this point, you'll need to hop on a moving crane in order to reach the DK Barrel waiting on another platform(it is also here that you should notice the classis Nintendo character, Mr. Game & Watch, banging on a leaky pipe with his hammer in the background). Pass over a couple small pistons set in the ground and overcome a Tiki Goon hidden by the foreground smoke and you'll encounter a pair of tricky Pogobots which require timing in order to dodge without taking a hit. At the end of this platform, you'll reach a Travel Barrel that will shoot you into the background. It's here that you'll find five small-sized platforms set amidst a very thick cloud of smoke, making it tricky to spot where you're supposed to land so try not to rush this particular area due to danger of falling unexpectedly. After hitching a ride on another crane, you'll reach four smaller platforms that will take you to another Travel Barrel, firing you back into the foreground. And straight into a Pig Checkpoint.

It is after this point that you'll encounter evern more Pogobots set in a somewhat tricky area containing raised obstacles and suspended platforms that these enemies can access, making it harder to dodge them. After overcoming this obstacle, you'll reach another platform fan that you need to spin backwards in order to raise an overhead piston that's blocking the path between you and another Travel Barrel. Time your blast past a couple of Tiki Torks and you'll reach a second Travel Barrel immediately afterwards that will send you straight into the background for a second time. It's here that suspended metal boxes of varying sizes and swinging cranes set inbetween will act as setting obstacles to aid you in getting across the giant gap that you'll soon be repeatedly hopping over. At the end of this dangerous array is yet another Travel Barrel that will blast you back into the foreground and onto a large platform inhabited by multiple buzzsaw-shaped enemies and Pogobots. Make your way past this short enemy sport, quickly hop up two suspended platforms, and reach the second Pig Checkpoint located on a raised platform.

From here, you'll have to quickly make your way across a long stretch of pipe set undernwath open pipe ends that will shoot out a consistent stream of Tiki Zings which will immediately come speeding in your direction as you move along. after managing your way past this rather drawn-out hazard, make your way up a couple of suspended platforms and platform fans in order to reach a large platform containing a small group of Tiki Goons, two more platform fans, and a large red button sitting suspended in the very center of it all. Ground Pound this button in order to make a Launch Barrel appear directly above you and completely clear the smoke in the surrounding area which reveals the End-Level Barrel set in the very middle of the top portion of the gurder structure that bears a design similar to the original Donkey Kong Arcade classic.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Found in the middle of the very first platform fan after every bonus Banana comes out of it after making it consistently rotate to the left. Normal
2 At the edge of a broken, vertical girder structure that can only be reached via a suspended platform after jumping off of the very top of the third platform fan. Normal
3 On top of the thirdmost smokestack located to the far left of the first Pig Checkpoint. Hard
4 Suspended in the air overtop of the third swinging crane found in the second background portion of the level. Hard
5 Hidden behind a wall built on top of a floating girder structure set in the middle of the long pipe infested with speeding Tiki Zings. Hard
6 Inside of a musical horn built into the ground which can be found not too far away from the 'G' letter's location. Easy
7 On the topmost platform of a broken platform fan that you'll encounter almost immediately after locating the last Puzzle Piece. Normal
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