Fungi Forest

Fungi Forest
Donkey Kong climbing up on a mushroom in Fungi Forest.
Location DK Isle
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Theme Forest/Night and Day
Boss Dogadon (Second Fight)

Fungi Forest is the 5th world of Donkey Kong 64. Fungi Forest is a forest level in the game filled with many mushrooms. The main focus of the area is centered around Night and Day. To change it to day or night, the Kongs will need to climb up the top of Cuckoo Clock and shoot the switches with their weapon. This will also effect what enemies appear in the area.

Fungi Forest introduces the Blue Kong Switches that can be activated by going to Cranky's Lab and getting the Super Simian Slam potion.

To gain access to this area, will require 50 Golden Bananas.


[edit] Overview

Fungi Forest is full of mushrooms and revolves around changing from night to day. Some Golden Bananas can only be obtained by a certain time of day. Enemies will also change depending on the system. There are a few areas that can be explored in Fungi Forest. One of them is the Mill Area which will contain several barns and mills. A Giant Mushroom area is another which will contain a big mushroom in the center that will have Golden Bananas for all Kongs. The next area contains a Big Redwood Tree that will have an owl that Diddy Kong will need to race during the night time. And the last area is a Garden area that will have a tomato patch that contains four Killer Tomato enemies surrounding an apple with a worm.

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab can be found in the area where the Giant Mushroom is located. All Kongs will be able to learn the Super Simian Slam in this area.

[edit] Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory can be found in the Garden Area. A Hunky Chunky Barrel resides beside the Armory.

[edit] Candy's Music Store

There is no music store in Fungi Forest.

[edit] Boss

Dogadon returns as the boss of Fungi Forest. After being defeated by Diddy Kong in Angry Aztec, Chunky Kong will have to take on Dogadon. Chunky will need to throw TNT Barrels at him, similar to the fight in Angry Aztec, as well as turning into Hunky Chunky to hit Dogadon.

[edit] Enemies

Enemies that can be found in Fungi Forest are:

[edit] Day Only

[edit] Night Only

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