Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory
The outer appearance of Funky's Armory in Donkey Kong 64
First/Only Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Throughout seven of the eight levels featured in Donkey Kong 64
Purpose Supply Weapons and other useful power-ups

Funky's Armory is one of the three upgrade shops in Donkey Kong 64. Funky Kong runs this shop and it is the first time that he does not run a transportation shop like in the Donkey Kong Country. series. Funky Kong will provide the Kongs with their weapons and as well add on new upgrades to their weapons throughout the game. Funky's Armory can be found throughout the levels of Donkey Kong 64. It is not found in Hideout Helm.

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Weapon Upgrades

Name Description Obtained Cost
Weapon Obtaining the Kongs weapons. Whenever the Kongs are available. (Jungle Japes,Angry Aztec,Frantic Factory 3 Coins
Ammo Upgrade #1 Increase ammo from 50 to 100. Frantic Factory 3 Coins
Homing Ammo Upgrade Will allow you to pick up red ammo crates containing homing ammo. Fungi Forest 5 coins
Ammo Upgrade 2 Increases ammo from 100 to 200. Crystal Caves 7 coins
Sniper Scope Upgrade Will allow you to zoom in on your enemies by pressing up on the C-Stick. Creepy Castle 9 coins
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