Gloomy Galleon

Gloomy Galleon
Chunky Kong facing off against a Kaboom
Location DK Isle
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Theme Ocean/Pirate
Boss Puftoss

Gloomy Galleon is the fourth world in Donkey Kong 64. Gloomy Galleon is a water level containing shipwrecks of King K. Rool's navy from earlier Donkey Kong Country games. It is also somewhat pirate themed with both underwater and cave areas.


[edit] Overview

Gloomy Galleon is full of caverns, that hold many secret treasures and shipwrecks cause from events in earlier Donkey Kong games. There is a lighthouse area that has a switch for raising and lower the water level which will be needed for getting certain bananas, blueprints and Golden Bananas. There is also a floating ship owned by King K. Rool that will sail around the lighthouse area. Underneath the water, there is a hidden mermaid village and several treasure chest that need to be open.

The other area in Gloomy Galleon is a cove with several sunken objects. It also holds the sunken Gangplank Galleon, which has been ripped in half and contains Golden Bananas inside of the ships pieces. Hitting one of the switches will also reveal a hidden mechanical fish and a cove where Donkey Kong will need to face Clapper the seal.

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab can be found in the only area of the level that is not surrounded by water. From the start of the level, if the player continues to go straight, they will be in a room with a wrecked ship. Going to the left and past the first barrel cannon, the player will come across another which they should enter and Cranky's Lab will be at the top.

[edit] Jetpac

If you have collected all of the Banana Medals from the three previous levels then you can play Jetpac. If not, you need 15 Banana Medals to play Jetpac. The player will need to go to Cranky's Lab to be able to play it. Collecting 5,000 points in Jetpac, will get you the Rareware Coin, which will be needed to collect during the game.

[edit] Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory can be found in the water area with the sunken Gangplank Galleon ship. It is found on a floating platform on the water near the cactus filled with Kong instrument pads and a Chunky Kong Blueprint.

[edit] Candy's Music Store

Candy's Music Store can also be found in the area with the sunken Gangplank Galleon. It is located near the cove where Donkey Kong races Clapper.

[edit] Enguarde

Enguarde is the second Animal Buddy that can be used in Donkey Kong 64. He is also the last Animal Buddy that can be used in the game. Enguarde is a swordfish that can break open the treasure chests and the door with him on it. Lanky Kong is the only Kong who can use him.

[edit] Boss

The boss of Gloomy Galleon is Puftoss. Puftoss is a giant Puftup, a type of blowfish. Lanky Kong faces him in a coconut boat. He cannot be hurt by any attacks by Lanky, instead Lanky will need to drive through several DK Logos that appear around Puftoss. If enough are driven through, large poles appear out of the water and electrocute Puftoss. Each time Puftoss gets electrocuted, the DK Logos that Lanky needs to drive through, get smaller.

Puftoss will attempt to stop Lanky by shooting fireballs, creating shockwaves or sending smaller Puftups. When Puftoss is defeated, he will deflate like a balloon and flying into the air. It is not revealed what happens to Puftoss after this battle.

[edit] Enemies

The enemies that can be encountered in Gloomy Galleon:

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