Golden Banana

Golden Banana
The appearance of a Golden Banana in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Scattered throughout all of the Donkey Kong 64 game
Maximum Amount 201

The Golden Banana is the key essential item in Donkey Kong 64(the Holy Grail, if you will). As the name suggests, it is indeed an oversized piece of gold in the shape of a banana that each of the five Kongs must find if they are to have any hope of saving their beloved home of DK Isle from the diabolical clutches of King K. Rool and his reptilian minions. This rare item is exclusive to Donkey Kong 64 alone, as is indicated by the Nintendo 64 logo sticker mocking the Chiquita design.

[edit] Donkey Kong 64

The Golden Bananas can be either found or earned throughout the whole of this game. This can be done through either Barrel Challenges or tricky in-level traps and secrets that only a skilled player would catch onto in order to attain the well sought-after and illusive item. Among the Bananas that can be found individually scattered throughout the Donkey Kong Country series(where in the case of Donkey Kong 64, must be individually fed to Scoff in order to access certain bosses), the Golden Banana is easily considered the most essential and massively-involved key item that the Donkey Kong games have ever seen.

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