Grape Shooter

Grape Shooter
Lanky Kong using his Grape Shooter in the Angry Aztec level
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Shooting grapes by way of blowing through a bamboo chute

The Grape Shooter is the weapon belonging to Lanky Kong, a character originally introduced with this matching weapon in Donkey Kong 64.

This weapon is meant to resemble the type of weapon that jungle natives typically use, which is a long, thin, hollow bamboo chute in which projectiles are blown out one end and out the other through the user's breath, usually referred to as a "blowgun". This weapon can only be purchased by Lanky himself through Funky Kong's shop, Funky's Armory, located in the Angry Aztec level for three Banana Coins. This weapon has a noticeable advantage over the others which consist of long-range capabilities even without the sniper-scope upgrade that can be purchased later on in the game. Lanky is also granted the ability to hit Grape Switches and Banana Balloons, something he never could have done on his own. Along with the sniper-scope addition, the Grape Shooter can also be modified to hold extra ammo as well as take advantage of enemy-seeking capabilities. It has been commonly pointed out by fans of this series how absurd it is for such large grapes to be shot out of such a small tube.

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