Grip and Trip

Grip and Trip
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong hanging on for dear life in the Grip and Trip level.
Location: 4-2 Cave Location: 4-2 Cave
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Grip and Trip is the second level of the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cave. This next level bears a close resemblance to the previous Rickety Rails stage, with an extra on-foot obstacles.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins on a stone-and-dirt path set amidst many giant toadstools and busted wood from the old minecart track that was previously traveled. Walk a short ways and you'll quickly need to jump up onto an extremely small dirt platform set underneath a Cling Grass patch. Travel along it to reach another small dirt platform set beside a Travel Barrel located just off of it's dropoff. This will send you into a familiar scenario, balancing ontop of a blue-burning, coal-filled minecart while you constantly jump from one to the next in order to avoid various hazards and collect necessary items along the way. You'll immediately travel down a typical slope and into a sudden dropoff. Jump onto a second cart and then head straight for a short ways before quickly jumping up to a third minecart located on a higher elevation of track(make sure this is done with good timing, otherwise you'll continue traveling in the second cart and straight off of the edge!).

There'll be no time for much relaxation at this point though since you'll need to almost immediately jump up after entering this cart to avoid getting smashed to bits by a blockade located in front of another dropoff. Land someways down onto a fourth cart, follow a small piece of oddly-shaped track, jump onto a fifth, and travel a short straightaway(avoiding a sneaky Tiki Buzz located in the middle of it). As would be expected, this track ends all too soon and demands you jump onto a sixth cart, which will take you down a comparably longer piece of track that noticeably dips down in the middle and straight into two more Tiki Buzzes that must be avidly avoided(doing so correctly will award you with an extra life!). After jumping off of the next dropoff and onto a seventh cart, you'll be taken down another short slope and forced to jump onto an eighth cart at the hands of yet another sudden dropoff.

As you run along a short piece of track in this cart, you'll need to jump in order to avoid a Tiki Buzz that will be hovering just above the space in which this broken piece of track meets another right next to it. Follow this short, straight piece of track and onto a ninth cart, avoiding another repeated dropoff. It is here that you'll follow a downward-sloping track into a smaller section of dark, isolated cave. This first slope will quickly drop off onto a second(which requires no jumping unless you wish to collect the arch of Bananas above your head), which will take you back out into a vast, open cavern area again. Jump over another Tiki Buzz getting in your way as you drop down to another section of broken-off track that will lead you down a couple more similar segments(each with a Tiki Buzz at the ends which must be dodged if Heart Health-conservation is on your mind).

The last piece of track will be another straightaway that will take you to a patch of Cling Grass. Quickly jump up to it before the cart careens off the edge and make your way overtop of three more obtrusive Tiki Buzzes and onto a tenth cart. This cart will then lead down two separate tracks on different elevations, with an eleventh cart located on the higher one(don't worry though, as both tracks will eventually take you safely to the next destination. At the end of this pair of tracks will be another Cling Grass patch that you must quickly grab onto before meeting a fall of doom. At the end of this patch will be a square, cutoff section that you'll notice is attached to an unmanned locomotive(carrying an unusable coal minecart behind it)sitting ontop of an unreachable track located someways above your head. Setting both hands under this Cling Grass patch will immediately set the train off down it's track with you along for the ride!

You'll then travel up and down a sloppy, rollercoaster-like piece of track that will soon lead to an isolated, dirt platform with a Pig Checkpoint waiting for you on it(just make sure to let go just at the right time!). It is important to note that at this point, you'll notice the bluish, rocky interior of the cavern as you entered is beginning to transition into a world of craggy, brown dirt and the surrounding area is starting to appear like some sort of makeshift city, complete with windowed homes. From this point, you must make your way up three bouncy toadstools and onto another squared patch of locomotive Cling Grass(this time not attached to a normal patch and located at the very beginning of the track above). From here, you'll be taken through another bumpy course that will slowly descend, making it's way past a twelfth cart below that you'll need to drop down to before the train crashes into a blockade in it's course!

You'll then travel down two downward-sloping jumps and onto a long straightaway(all while another train grass patch will catch up to your progress from above), where you must eventually jump up to the patch before your cart crashes into an abrupt trio of blockades! After a short bit of traveling, you must drop down onto a thirteenth cart located inbetween six Tiki Buzzes, then jump off of a couple more dropoffs inbetween, eventually leading you to a fifteenth cart. As the train grass patch is destroyed above, you'll move along a final pair of track sections, one located in the foreground and another in the background. Choosing either one will eventually bring you to the end, with the only difference being that the background track contains more collectible items and a KONG Letter(use various Launch Barrels, with the right timing, in order to get across further dropoffs and transition between the tracks. At the end of this section, a Travel Barrel will blast you onto a very short straightaway that will lead you the End-Level Barrel, located on top of a small cliff plateau.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Located just past the very first blockade. Some tricky, timed jumping is required here. Normal
2 At the end of a Bonus Room located inside of a Launch Barrel that can be found to the far-left side of an early dropoff in the tracks. Hard
3 Located high up in the air, at the end of the dark, isolated cave segment. You must bounce off of an adjacent Tiki Buzz in order to reach it Normal
4 Inside of a breakable cactus located to the left of the Pig Checkpoint. Easy
5 Located at the very end of a straightaway of track found underneath a group of six Tiki Buzzes. Alert sense and sharp timing is required here. Normal
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