Ground Pound

Ground Pound
Ground PoundDKCR.jpg
Donkey Kong stunning nearby enemies with his Ground Pound move in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Later Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Features Stun in-range enemies

The Ground Pound move is a very important move featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. This particular move made it's first appearance in Donkey Kong Country and was performed by pressing down and B on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's directional pad, although it didn't appear to have an essential use in the grand scheme of the game. In DKC SNES, only Donkey Kong could pull off this move.

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, all that has changed! To start, this remastered move is now performed by shaking the Wiimote while either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong are standing in place(now Diddy can even perform this move by way of the Peanut Popgun that he originally adopted in Donkey Kong 64). Any ground-dwelling enemy that is within close range of this move will be temporarily stunned and sit dazedly in place, giving the player ample opportunity to beat up some baddies! The ground pound is also required in order to beat certain bosses.

As is first introduced in the remade Jungle Hijinxs level, the Ground Pound move is also useful for crushing obstacles underneath your feet such as fallen stone pillars, which may contain hidden items and secrets. Lastly, this move is used to activate Ground Pound Pads, which occasionally show up in certain levels and is your only means of progressing to the very end.

The ground pound also appears in the Nintendo fighting game franchise, Super Smash Bros., as one of Donkey Kong's moves.

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