Handy Hazards

Handy Hazards
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Handy Hazards level.
Location: 7-3 Factory Location: 7-3 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Handy Hazards is the third level of the seventh world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out in a dark laboratory area next to a large air conditioner. Walk a little further and you'll come across this level's first obstacle: pairs of giant, steel, mechanical fists crashing into each other from two separate directions, one coming out of the ceiling and the other coming from below. These obstacles must be used as makeshift platforms inbetween their cycles, during the point in which a gap is exposed for a short time. After using the mecha fist platforms to reach a floating, water-based platform running underneath a broken mecha fist, a series of four mecha fists smashing into another water platform will stand before you. Time your path across that obstacle and you'll reach a long, safe plateau with a lone Pogobot on it, bouncing it's way towards you. It's from here that you'll notice a giant, robotic creature set in the background shaped as an eyeball with arms. The fact that it's overtop of a control panel suggests that it's this entity that's responsible for controlling every mobile obstacle that you'll encounter in this level.

After jumping off of the previous platform, you'll need to utilize a brand new obstacle in order to proceed: a giant, mechanical hand that's spread out flat, quickly swinging it's wrist from a fixed point to the left and right continuously(like the mecha fists, these hands must be used as makeshift platforms as well, with the proper timing and alertness of course). After successfully using this first mecha hand platform, you'll need to jump inside a Travel Barrel that is floating in the air below you. After getting inside, another mecha hand will reach up from below and grab the barrel with it's thumb and index finger and proceed to quickly move you to the left side. It's here that the hand you're traveling in will meet up with another hand moving in the exact opposite direction, also holding a Travel Barrel. Once you safely land in the barrel of the second hand, you'll be brought to a couple safe platforms(overrun with vegetation)being invaded by a trio of Buckbombs.

After they're eliminated, use the Travel Barrel provided off the last platform and blast towards another barrel that will immediately be grabbed by a mecha hand. It will be facing a horizontal direction and quickly reveal a second hand located just across from it. They will moving up and down in opposite directions set between two harmful Tiki Torks. Time your shot safely into the second mecha hand and then blast into a Launch Barrel located in the top-right corner of the screen. This barrel will then blast you onto an isolated safe platform which happens to be making a home for a Pig Checkpoint. After that point, use a single mecha hand platform in order to reach a small safe platform where a third mecha hand obstacle, set in a gap, will be waiting for you there. It will have itself unclasped, waiting for something. Soonafter, another mecha hand will rise from the background, holding an orange-grey metal box, and slap it onto the waiting hand, where the waiting hand will then disappear underneath the screen, taking the box with it.

After using the box mecha hand to reach a higher area, slide down a pile of used screws and bolts, where you'll then reach a couple of box mecha hands set on either side of a pair of platforms located one on top of another. Use the box mecha hands combined with the platforms in order to reach a higher platform overlooking a large dropoff where two mecha hand platforms will be waiting to assist you across, with Tiki Torks inbetween each one waiting to make the trek difficult. From that point, a couple more pairs of mecha fists will stand before you, which you must use in order to reach another safe platform. Take out the Buckbomb that resides there and proceed across a series of three box mecha hands that will hoist you up to a second Pig Checkpoint located on a raised safe platform. From this point, make your way across three more mecha hand platforms, spaced close together, in order to reach four box mecha hands located side-by-side. After this treacherous path is overcome, a mecha hand holding another Travel Barrel will be waiting for you. This will take you to another barrel located above two dangerous electric fields.

After that blast is timed safely and correctly, the next Travel Barrel will also be grasped by a mecha hand, carrying you over to yet another barrel. From this third Travel Barrel, you will need to blast through two mecha hand platforms swiveling in the middle of your path towards a Launch Barrel on the other side. Once that barrel is reached, it will blast you through a narrow opening that leads to two mecha hands who happen to be shuffling through three Travel Barrels, with you inside one of them. Properly time your ejection from this barrel in order to emerge through the space in the ceiling above that is surrounded by dangerous electric fields. Once that task is pulled off, you'll standing directly under the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 On the small, water-based platform located to the far left, at the very beginning of the level. Easy
2 At the end of a Bonus Room located high above the ceiling, directly above the second set of mecha fists you'll encounter in this level. Hard
3 On top of a small, isolated platform located to the far left of a series of them. They can be reached by using the first horizontal mecha hand you're blasted into and using it to reach a high platform that is inaccessible otherwise. Hard
4 Floating directly above the first Pig Checkpoint. It can be reached after accessing an elevated platform located next to the mountain of screws and bolts, on the left side. Hard
5 On top of a small, elevated platform located to the very right of two sets of mecha fists. Access it by using the top ends of the fists. Hard
6 Located directly to the right of the fifth Puzzle Piece, suspended in the air. You can reach it by jumping off of the highest box mecha hand located to the far right of it. Normal
7 Located high above the group of four box mecha hands near the end of the level. You can reach this last Puzzle Piece by jumping on the edges of these boxes just as they are about to be thrown away. Hard

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