Hideout Helm

Hideout Helm
Lanky Kong near the start of the level.
Location DK Isle
Theme Evil Labratory
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Hideout Helm is the eighth and final world of Donkey Kong 64. Here, there are no Golden Bananas or Blueprints to collect, with the main focus being to shut down King K. Rool's Blast-o-Matic machine before it destroys Donkey Kong Island. The Kongs have ten minutes to shut down the machine, but depending on how many blueprints they have given Snide throughout the game, a minute will be added. If the Kongs give Snide all of the Blueprints, then there is a total of fifty minutes on the clock to shut the machine down. If the Kongs cannot complete the stage before time is up, Donkey Kong Island will be blown up and this will cause a game over.

All of the Kongs will need to go through a couple of challenges each to shut down their part of the machine. For beating the challenges, the Kongs will get a Banana Medal for it. The player will also need to have collected 4 Battle Crowns. beaten Jetpac, and beaten the Donkey Kong game at the arcade to gain access to the final K. Lumsy key.

Hideout Helm is the only world of Donkey Kong 64 that does not have Cranky's Lab, Funky's Armory, Candy's Music Shop, Snide's HQ or Troff N' Scoff to visit or learn new moves from.


[edit] Bonus Barrels

Here is what needs to be done for each bonus barrel:

[edit] Donkey Kong

  • Left Barrel: DK will need to jump in the barrel cannon and shoot into three of the four targets.
  • Right Barrel: As Rambi, the player will need to beat 18 Kritters while avoiding the electrical pylons.

[edit] Chunky Kong

  • Left Barrel: Becoming Hunky Chunky, break open the large crates to find the lone Kritter and beat him.
  • Right Barrel: Without leaving the podium, use the sniper scope to defeat 5 Kritters.

[edit] Tiny Kong

  • Left Barrel: Fly through three DK stars using the Ponytail Twirl without touching the ground.
  • Right Barrel: Bounce off the mushrooms and use the Ponytail twist to go through all DK Stars.

[edit] Lanky Kong

  • Left Barrel: Use the Orang-Sprint to step on the switch, then cross the finish line.
  • Right Barrel: Shoot down 3 Mecha-Zingers.

[edit] Diddy Kong

  • Left Barrel: Defeat the Kritters until Diddy defeats the one that activates the switch. Diddy can then press the switch.
  • Right Barrel: The Rocketbarrel Boost is needed for this. Shoot each of the four switches on the wall to lift the cage that is blocking the switch. Then press it.

[edit] Enemies

These are the enemies that can be found in the world:

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