Hot Rocket

Hot Rocket
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Hot Rocket level.
Location: 8-2 Volcano Location: 8-2 Volcano
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Hot Rocket is the second level of the eighth world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Volcano. The level almost entirely consists of riding inside of the Rocket Barrel.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out on a large walkway consisting of charred, hexagonal-shaped columns of rock set among an isolated space in the Volcano closed-in by hoards of these rock columns. Move ahead and jump up across three broken pieces of a thick, stone pathway(be wary, as these platforms will sharply dip down to the left and sink into the lava below once landed on), while dodging medium-sized fireballs that will shoot up from the lava below and drop back down(in a true Super Mario Bros. fashion), and into the Rocket Barrel that will await your arrival. From here, make your way through a floating field of Bananas and Banana Bunches and inbetween two giant masses of rock. Dodge three large shafts of molten rock that will emerge at a right-angle tilt below you, then act fast to avoid a shaft of rock suddenly droop from the ceiling above and in your way!

Swiftly evade two more rock shafts both below and above you in order to encounter a new obstacle: large, falling stalactites. As you dodge these new obstacles, make sure to also strain your attention to the barrage of fireballs repeatedly shooting at you from behind! After dodging five stalactites and successfully avoiding the relentless fireballs, the path ahead of you will appear to be a dead end right before it quickly crumbles in huge chunks, leaving a twisted and treacherous new path open to you. Smoothly zipping through that stretch will bring you to a well-deserved Pig Checkpoint. From here, you'll enter another crumbling crevasse after encountering the first of many Lava Snakes diving in and out of the endless lava pool flowing below. Dodge a pair of intertwined Lava Snakes a little further on, then evade another falling stalactite and a close sweep with small, messy lava geysers below you.

At this point, you'll enter a clearing that's completely full of deadly Lava Snakes! Clear six of those enemies, dodge three more stalactites(up-close and personal this time!), and then you'll find yourself in a final confined, twisting crevasse. As you enter lava gushes will spurt up from behind you as you pass, building up a veritable wave of lava heading towards you as you navigate this tight, unpredictable space. Clear this last danger and you'll reach the End-Level Barrel located floating off to the right of an isolated stone platform.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the end of a Bonus Room located in a Danger Barrel that's situated high in the air, to the right of the first sinking stone platform(use the altered angle while it's submerging to your advantage). Normal
2 Inside of the third falling stalactite located in the first crevasse they're found in(a wayward fireball shooting from behind you will bust it open, so stay alert!). Normal
3 Found almost immediately after the second Puzzle Piece, located near the very surface of the lava ocean with two Bananas floating on either side of it. Normal
4 Appears after you've collected the entire line of floating, zig-zagging Bananas found at the entrance to the crevasse introducing the Lava Snakes. Hard
5 Appears after you've collected a straight line of Bananas located on the surface of the lava sea inside of the final crevasse. Hard
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