Hunky Chunky

Hunky Chunky
Hunky ChunkyDK64.jpg
Chunky Kong strutting about super-sized while utilizing the power of Hunky Chunky
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilitie(s) Growing to enormous sizes

Hunky Chunky(or Kremlinous Crushum)is the power granted to Chunky Kong after he jumps inside of a floating barrel bearing the image of his face. At the cost of 3 coins, Chunky can obtain a special potion from Cranky's Lab, which he must drink in order to activate all of the invisible Power Barrels scattered throughout the game's eight levels. They must first be activated by a switch or completed in-game goal through a particular character in order to use their respective Power Barrel, which is an essential commodity to reaching 100% file completion.

This particular Power Barrel expands our huge yet timid hero to at least twice his regular body size, where in some cases it could be up to ten times his regular size, as displayed in his battle against the Dogadon. As would be expected, Chunky Kong's regular strength increases dramatically and he retains temporary invincibility to boot(excluding pits of quicksand and lava, of course).

This power, while completely predictable, is most likely one of the couple of ironic ones featured in Donkey Kong 64. This is so regarding Chunky Kong's timid, frightful nature which stands to be completely unrealistic in parallel with his physical appearance which spawned his musical instrument, the triangle and his Triangle Trample ability, which purposely contradicts the instrument one would expect to match his outer persona. As such, one would have expected Tiny Kong to have ended up swapping her Mini Monkey ability with Chunky in order to supplement this.

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