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Species Human
Ability Super-jumping
First Appearance Donkey Kong

Mario (originally known as Jumpman) is the Nintendo corporation's mascot and has been featured in over 150 video games to date, including some Donkey Kong games. He made his debut in Donkey Kong, where has was the protagonist and the original Donkey Kong character was the antagonist. In Donkey Kong Jr., Mario traps Donkey Kong and a younger Donkey Kong comes to save him.

[edit] Different Jobs

Mario has been shown in many different occupations. He, as Jumpman, was a Carpenter. He was then later introduced as a Plumber, and has been seen as that for most of his career. He joined his brother, Luigi in the Wrecking Crew for one game. He was also a referee in the original game Punch-Out!!!.

[edit] Relations

Mario has various allies. The three that are typically seen are Luigi, his brother; Peach, his "girlfriend" of some sorts; and Bowser, his worst enemy. They sometimes assist him, while sometimes fighting him. He has many other relations though.

Toad - He is Peach's "servant" of some sort in the castle. He is seen in many games, but usually as a person in the castle. In Paper Mario, he can be seen guarding different rooms in the castle. In another game, he can be found as a stranded pirate on a deserted island.

Pauline - She was Mario's (at the time known as Jumpman) first girlfriend. She appeared in Donkey Kong, as well as the Donkey Kong vs. Mario series.

Wario/Waluigi - These two criminals sometime help or appear in different Mario series games. Wario can be seen as a main character in Super Mario 64 DS. He also appears in the Mario Kart and Mario Baseball series, along with Waluigi. They are sometimes considered "dopplegangers" of Mario and Luigi.

Yoshi - Yoshi is a green dinosaur, who has assisted Mario since he was a baby. He also appears in Super Mario 64 DS, along with many other games, such as Super Mario World. He helps the humans, including Peach and Luigi, to help Mario.

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