Jungle Falls

Donkey Kong 64
Overview of Jungle Falls and its Silver Coin locations.
Location Dino Domain
Balloons Required 3
Transportation Car, Hovercraft, Plane

Jungle Falls is the third track of the Dino Domain world featured in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. It requires 3 Golden Balloons to gain access to the track and 8 Golden Balloons for the Silver Coin challenge.

[edit] Track Layout

Jungle Falls starts off with a curve containing a zipper around a small lake. This will lead to a small tunnel with a small curve to the right once out of the tunnel. The curve will lead to a straight load and a bridge. Two tunnels will appear with one being accessed only by plane. The upper path is shorter but both will lead to the same trail containing two stone hedges with a road located in the middle. Once past the curve, the player will enter a wider zone with a large dinosaur skull. This skull is hallow and will contain a zipper inside of it. The road will be surrounded by bones before leading to the finish line.

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