Jungle Hijinxs

Jungle Hijinxs
Jungle HijinksDKC.png
The beginning of Jungle Hijinxs in Donkey Kong Country
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Later Appearances Donkey Kong Country Returns
Difficulty Easy
Puzzle Pieces 9 (DKCR)
Location Kongo Jungle(DKC)
1-1 Jungle(DKCR)
Description A beautiful stretch of vibrant, green jungle

Jungle Hijinxs is the very first level which kicked off the history of the Donkey Kong Country series. It is featured in the very first world, Kongo Jungle, as the very first level of Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It appears again in Donkey Kong Country Returns as the first level of the game too.

Among the simple bliss and easy lives that the Jungle Hijinxs provides for Donkey Kong Country fans young and old, it stands to remain one of the most memorable levels in video gaming history.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country

The level starts off straight from Donkey Kong's home in Kongo Jungle, as he rockets out the front door and onto the stretching dirt path below. At the base of his home, perched on top of a rocky cliff in the fashion of a treehouse, is the Banana Hoard cave, where Donkey Kong will find it empty, but will change to a full Banana Hoard when defeating King K. Rool. The rest of the level is very tame in structure, with no tricks or unavoidable traps whatsoever.

This level introduces Gnawtys, Kritters, Klumps, and Neckys enemies and provides a generous supply of them for the first level. Jungle Hijinks is famous for being the very first iconic level of this game series, but because it's the perfect place to stock up on extra lives before proceeding to the next stage of Donkey Kong Island. Among the K.O.N.G. letters, which are exceedingly easy to retrieve, there is one Expresso token underneath a coconut-throwing Necky and two secret areas that can be accessed by Rambi, the very first Animal Buddy introduced in this series who makes his first appearance in Jungle Hijinks. These secret areas consist of an underground cave concealing a steady stream of Bananas and a Life Balloon right next to the cave's exit. The last secret area that has to be taken down by Rambi is a crevasse in between two rock faces which contain three floating barrels offering four different Animal Buddy Tokens in each.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of Donkey Kong Country Returns Jungle Hijinxs level

Much like it did in the original Donkey Kong Country, the level starts off from Donkey Kong's treehouse in the Jungle. At the base of the tree, is the entrance to where his Banana Hoard should be and entering his hut will give him a Extra Life Balloon. The level is a very basic and allows the player to properly adjust to the controls introduced with the Wii's formatting.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will have to collect the K.O.N.G. letters and nine Puzzle Pieces to fully complete the level. But hitting the End of Level Barrel will allow the Kongs to move onto the next level.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 After jumping down from the hut, enter the cave on the left. Easy
2 After collecting the letter K, continue to jump from treetop to treetop and blow on the dandelion on the last treetop. Normal
3 After passing by two fallen stone blocks, Ground Pound on the two fallen stone blocks stacked on one another. Easy
4 Ground Pound in front of the three yellow gourds, Puzzle Piece will appear from the middle Gourd. Easy
5 Jump on the large flower platform between the two Mugly Statues. Collect all Bananas for a Puzzle Piece to appear. Normal
6 Ground Pound the Ground Pound Pad button to make ruins appear in the background. Going to the left platform with a dandelion on it and blow. Easy
7 Clear the Tiki Goons off the thin platform and Ground Pound. Collect all bananas, balloons and coins for a Puzzle Piece to appear. Hard
8 Jump onto of a crooked platform and cross the platforms to the level. Easy
9 Before hitting the End-Level Barrel, go through the stone rubble on the right. Easy
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