Kremkroc Industries, Inc.

Kremkroc Industries, Inc
Kremkroc Industries, Inc in its entirety
Location Donkey Kong Island
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Other Appearances None

Kremkroc Industries, Inc. is the fifth area of Donkey Kong Country, before Chimp Caverns and after Gorilla Glacier. The area is the most modern of them all, with old, abandoned factories around the area. The area is lakeside on a cliff. Toxic waste is dumped into the lake, which is where the level Poison Pond is entered. The boss of this area is Dumb Drum.

[edit] Environments

Kremkroc Industries, Inc. is a mainly modernized area. The factories appear modern in technology, and even the dumping of waste into lakes reflects real life. The factories appear old, as parts of the floor has collapsed, leaving death pits, along with every other area. There are mines and caves here as well, and conveyor belts help the Kongs through the caves. As with Monkey Mines, the caves have narrow walkways and incomplete tracks, where the conveyor belts simply fall into oblivion. Minecarts are also found here, and the same problem in Monkey Mines' minecarts also exists here: lack of complete tracks. Some parts of the caves are natural, as no machinery is commonplace in these sections. The lighting in some of the areas is also old, as some areas are darker than others.

[edit] Levels

Oil Drum Alley
Trick Track Trek
Elevator Antics
Poison Pond
Mine Cart Madness
Blackout Basement
Dumb Drum

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