A Kremling as seen in the Donkey Kong Country series
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Home Crocodile Isle, Lost World
Allies Zinger, Gnawty, Necky
Enemies Kongs
Leader King K. Rool

Kremlings are crocodiles with a human nature due to the fact that they wear clothes, know how to operate deadly weapons/machinery, and have built their own society. There are many different sizes and colours of Kremlings(something King K. Rool prefers since it's easier to differentiate them by rank this way)existing in a branching range of sub species from Kritters to Krushas. Despite the vast amount of sub species, each Kremling carries similar reptilian traits from scaly skin, sharp teeth, and a generally nasty personality(with K. Lumsy as a rare exception). A dominant amount of the Kremling species move on both legs, when creatures such as Klaptraps are out of the picture, four-legged beasts who most closely resemble real life crocodiles by comparison. They apparently have the ability to breathe underwater either for long periods of time or altogether, as reptiles tend to do. Untraditionally related to real life reptiles is their ability to remain immune to the dangerous effects of toxic waste, as was proven in the Toxic Tower level in Donkey Kong Country 2. To date, no trace of female Kremling either than Kalypso and Kass have appeared in the Donkey Kong Country series.

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