Mangoruby Run

Mangoruby Run
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fighting off the Mangoruby in Mangoruby Run.
Location: 5-B Forest Location: 5-B Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hits to Victory 3

Mangoruby Run is the tenth level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest. This is the boss level, where there are absolutely no K-O-N-G icons or Puzzle Pieces to collect.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts off with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong entering a strange area inside of a massive, hollowed-out tree trunk with four odd, half-dome artifacts sticking out of the walls. Upon coming across a large water wheel floating just above the water, Donkey Kong carelessly Ground Pounds it's surface, causing each of the four half-domes to make a complete 180-degree turn on the spot, which reveals stationary Tiki Goons, Tiki Torches, and Tiki Tanks inside each one(acting as humorous spectators once again). Upon this, the pair of Kongs notice that a large, strange creature was sleeping inside the waterwheel and slowly awakens from DK's disruption. It then roar's upon awakening, calling the attention of the Area Tiki Boss, who promptly sets off producing it's hypnotic music and then takes over the body of the conscious Mangoruby. This then causes the Mangoruby to lose control and produce a complete electrical current around it's body.

In this battle, the Mangoruby will proceed to float and crawl among every available space inbetween the half-domes and waterwheel(only after the blue-glowing, arrow-shaped switch on top of the waterwheel is activated with a Ground Pound), wielding an impenetrable electrical current around it's body that will instantly damage to the touch. The only way to overcome this and lend damage to the enemy is to successfully activate each blue-glowing arrow switch on each of the four half-domes(now closed, completely hiding the Tiki enemy spectators inside)so they begin to glow yellow with a Ground Pound(it will be tricky since each half-dome is spinning on the spot, but that's what the Cling Grass that is coating the entire surface of each one is for). Once this is done, the electric energy surrounding the Mangoruby will disappear, allowing you to jump on it's back, completely destroying one of the large, pink orbs on it's back(be careful, though, as hitting anywhere else besides it's body will still inflict damage!).

This procedure must be carried out three separate times(with Donkey Kong successfully destroying two of the eight pink orbs making up this creature's body each time)in order to defeat this boss. On the third and last run, be wary as the Mangoruby will not only move faster, but also proceed to shoot random bursts of electrical energy that follow the length of each half-dome, giving you more obstacles to dodge. After this is done successfully, Donkey Kong will deliver one final smash with both of his fists on the Mangoruby's head, leaving it's degraded body to fall to the surface of the waterwheel below. Once the creature goes unconscious, the Area Tiki Boss will wearily emerge from it's victim, giving you the perfect opportunity to send it into the stratosphere with an array of well-placed punches!

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