Master Necky

Master Necky
Master Necky as seen in Donkey Kong Country.
Species Flamingo
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Leader(s) Fire Necky, King K. Rool
Other Appearances Donkey Kong Country GBA Remake

Master Necky is the second boss featured in Donkey Kong Country. He guards the second large banana stolen from Donkey Kong's banana hoard.

[edit] Battle

[edit] Super Nintendo Version

In the Super Nintendo version battle with Master Necky, Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong need to jump on his beak at varying heights, and he will be injured as a result. They can not jump into him, or else the player will lose a life or lose a Kong. The only real way to jump on him is by using the Tire Wheel in the middle of the floor and onto his head.

[edit] Game Boy Advance Version

In the Game Boy Advance version of this game, Master Necky will be dark red. Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong must jump on him after he shoots out a coconut. Otherwise, Master Necky will not be injured.

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