Melon Crate

Melon Crate
Melon CrateDK64.gif
The appearance of a Melon Crate in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function Replenishes Watermelon health
Maximum Amount 12 hits

The Melon Crate is a rare side item which can be found throughout any level of Donkey Kong 64 which can fully replenish your total supply of Watermelon health slices. It is very similar to the Ammo Crate in overall appearance and shows up just as frequently. Each crate only contains four individual slices, which will make up only one whole Watermelon health piece.

Since the total amount of Watermelon health slices that a single character can utilize at a time is 12, you only need to find four of the Melon Crates and then you're all set.

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