Mini Monkey

Mini Monkey
Tiny Kong MM.jpg
Tiny Kong living up to her name with the Mini Monkey ability
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Shrinking down to super-small sizes

Mini Monkey, or Kongum Smallus, is the power granted to Tiny Kong after he jumps inside of a floating barrel bearing the image of his face. Tiny Kong can purchase a special potion for a cost of 3 coins from Cranky's Lab, which she must drink in order to activate all of the invisible Power Barrels located throughout the game. They must first be activated by a switch or completed in-game goal through a particular character in order to use their respective Power Barrel, which is an essential commodity to reaching 100% file completion.

This particular Power Barrel shrinks our diminutive heroine down to no larger than the size of a stationery eraser, allowing her to easily sneak past, humongous, bumbling enemies who are none the wise to her presence, and gain access to areas in which she never could at her normal body size(as small as it is to begin with).

It's ironic that Tiny Kong was given such a predictable Power Barrel power-up, since given Chunky Kong's "gentle giant" attitude, he would have swapped out his Hunky Chunky ability with her just to keep players on their toes.

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