Mole Patrol

Mole Patrol
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong flying alongside a mining train in the Mole Patrol level.
Location: 4-4 Cave Location: 4-4 Cave
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Mole Patrol is the fourth level of the fifth world featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cave. This level almost entirely consists of riding inside of the Rocket Barrel.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins at the mouth of another mine shaft that you entered through the last level. In the background, you'll notice that the deep, dark, lifeless cavern that you've previously been traversing is now taking on the appearance of an underground city, complete with ramshackle, wooden homes built amidst the Cave's depths. Jump off of the edge of the solid platform that you landed on and into a Rocket Barrel waiting for you not too far off of the edge. You'll start off by flying through a passage containing stalactites popping out of the ground and random Mole Miners hacking away at the stone with their pickaxes, quickly burrowing underground when they spot you. Soon, the solid ground will give way to a deep pool of crystal-clear water, and you'll fly underneath another Mole Miner working on a stalactite with his pickaxe above.

After flying past a short, empty area containing no more than a group of small, stubby stalactites poking out of the water's surface below, a Mole Miner will pop out from behind a rock below you as you're transitioning back to solid land, fruitlessly swinging it's pickaxe at you in hopes of bringing your ride to a sudden halt! Keep moving along this rocky passage, dodging random stalactites and contours in the surfaces above your head and below your feet, as well as evading random attacking Mole Miners, where ever they might appear. After moving underneath an attacking Mole Miner suspended above by a rope, you'll need to carefully fly overtop of a group of four more attacking Mole Miners balancing on the tips of grounded stalactites. As you continue along, an underground mining train will burst through a boarded-off tunnel entrance and speedily run along it's track in the direction that you're heading(so make sure to pay close attention to it's position!).

As you fly along the mining train's track, further attacking Mole Miners will appear with inflated balloons attached to their waist, causing them to hover in the air and come dangerously close(but you can simply pop their balloons by carefully running through them on your Rocket Barrel). Moving along, a group of four Mole Miners can be seen clinging to the ceiling, purposely breaking off giant blue crystals from the Cave's ceiling in attempts to make them come crashing down upon your head! Get past this obstacle and you'll encounter a couple more balloon Mole Miners suspended above another pool of water(that the mining train will effortlessly rip through in the background). As the mining train steadily works it's way up a steep incline and out of the screen, you'll need to make it through another passage completely filled with stalactites both above and below you, with a pool of water still inhabiting the ground's surface.

Making it through that treacherous area will bring you to a deserved Pig Checkpoint, which will pad the way for the section that's to come. As the cavern area widens and deepens, the pool of water below you will remain consistent while the mining train runs on it's twisting track in the background. You'll soon come across one balloon Mole Miner one after another as the train comes careening into the foreground and through a roller coaster-like spiral around you(as it keeps throwing more attacking Mole Miners at you with each loop it completes). After the mining train has completed all of it's loop-de-loops, it will suddenly fly straight off of it's tracks and into a solid rock wall, burrowing into it's surface effortlessly and creating a confined tunnel for you to follow it through.

As you exit this tunnel and enter a desolate, lifeless section of the cavern, the rocket-propelled train will uncontrollably fly up into the air and then come crashing down to the rocky ground below, smashing into oblivion! From this point, simply dodge a series of blue crystals that will naturally fall down from the ceiling as you pass, which will bring you to a safe, solid stone platform as you Rocket Barrel runs out of fuel and explodes. Amidst the stagnant "Mole-city", the End-Level Barrel will be found just above your head.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the end of a Bonus Room located inside of the mineshaft opening found at the very beginning of the level. Normal
2 Appears after collecting a solid line of six Bananas and one KONG letter, which can be found just before you encounter the very first attacking Mole Miner. Normal
3 Appears after collecting a solid line of six Bananas found immediately after the Pig Checkpoint. Normal
4 Appears after popping the balloons of all four attacking Mole Miners that will emerge from the mining train as it's careening down it's spiraling track. Normal
5 Located to the far right of the End-Level Barrel, inside of a breakable cactus. Easy
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