Tiny Kong standing in front of a Power Pad, which allows her to teleport
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Teleporting Tiny Kong between Power Pads

The Monkeyport, or Warpum Craftious, is the power granted to Tiny Kong after she stands upon a Power Pad bearing the likeness of her face. It can be obtained at Cranky's Lab for a cost of 7 coins. It is in the exact same shape as the musical instrument pads and can also only be activated while pressing a button/button combo after the respective character is standing directly on top of the space.

This particular Power Pad is able to transport Tiny Kong from the current one she's standing on to any other Pad of the same type existent in the level. They essentially carry the exact same function as the Teleporter Pads, but can only transport any of the Kongs to particularly general locations, while Tiny's can prove to be more helpful and specific.

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