Muncher Marathon

Muncher Marathon
Muncher marathon.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Muncher Marathon level.
Location: 5-8 Forest Location: 5-8 Forest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Muncher Marathon is the eighth level of the fifth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Forest.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins on top of a series of connected, hollowed-out tree trunks set against a section of forest that is oddly fought with large cobwebs. After breaking through a section of wood in your path, you'll come across a Hopgoon shortly before encountering a large block of squared wood with the depiction of a large spider carved into it's face side. This obstacle will move up and down, crushing the path you walk in the same repeated pattern. Get past a pair of these and a second Hopgoon in order to reach a pair of mammoth-sized egg sacks that have been torn open, revealing a plethora of large, yellow-orangish eggs(there is also a large stockpile of unopened egg sacks that can be seen in the background, nesting inside of a giant log). These serve as bouncy platforms which will help you reach an opening in a small, hollowed-out tree trunk where two breakable platforms are stacked on top of another, squishing a pile of the odd-coloured eggs underneath it. Once these platforms are destroyed by a Ground Pound, the two bouncy platforms from before will explode into trillions of small, black spiders that will rush in a tidal wave towards you! This is the bulk of the level: evading this sudden horde of arachnids!

The first portion of the area will consist of small, wooden platforms that you must jump and weave through in order to stay ahead of the horde(the occasional group of purple Skittlers suspending themselves on the ceiling will also show up to slow your progress of survival!). You'll then be forced into a bed of red spikes that can only be avoided by the array of small and large platforms provided. Get across a small gap in the floor(which the spider horde will use as a shortcut to catch up with you if you happen to get too far!)and a shallow section of wooden wall in order to reach an area consisting of more crushing, wooden pillars with the large spider depictions carved into the sides. Another series of large and medium platforms will greet you at this point with the occasional Skittler getting in the way followed by a section of both a floor component and a strip of helpful Cling Grass on the ceiling overhead. An array of mobile, floating Bananas and Banana Bunches will then ease your panic for a short while before encountering a new version of the crushing pillars, which instead move in a vertical fashion back and forth, with a well-sized gap in it's middle, forcing you to stall your fleeing of the horde by timing your jumps through each of these gaps as they move(you'll also be greeted by a series of annoying Frogoons at this point).

After getting past that obstacle, you'll come across a long strip of overhead Cling Grass that you must use in order to safely get across a rather large pit of red spikes and into a series of elevated crushing pillars(which you can reach by way of a bouncy egg sack). After getting past this rather treacherous obstacle, you'll have to use a bouncy toadstool in order to overcome a section of wall(all the while avoiding any obtrusive Skittlers and Frogoons). Bust through another section of wood blocking your path atop a series of platforms and you`ll reach a group of crushing pillars that move in a wave-like pattern which you must use wisely in order to keep up against the oncoming horde. From here, you`ll reach a dead end with a single bouncy egg sack inhabiting it, right below a Launch Barrel floating high in the air. This barrel will blast you through an opening in the wooden ceiling and through a knothole in a large tree trunk base, plopping you right down in front of a Pig Checkpoint'. From here, you'll use another bouncy egg sack suspended over a drop-off in order to reach another Launch Barrel, which will then take you through a series of further Launch Barrels climbing up through the forest pit in a diagonal fashion, while the massive spider horde continues to pursue you from directly underneath. After being blasted back and forth in separate diagonal directions, you'll eventually reach a Danger Barrel near the treetops, where the End-Level Barrel will be waiting for you directly overhead.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the very beginning of the level, near the ceiling, to the very left of the first pair of bouncy egg sacks. Easy
2 In a breakable gourd located on a small, single, raised platform. Normal
3 Floating in midair over top of a drop off located underneath a small Cling Grass strip and a small platform of red spikes. Normal
4 Inside of a short, thick wooden pillar which entrance is blocked by a bush. Normal
5 In the middle-bottom portion of a series of platforms, hidden behind another section of green bush. Normal
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